Nowzad's policy statement on the import of dogs into the UK

Lately, there has been an increase of press speculation in reference to the irresponsible importation of dogs into the UK. Here is our stance on this important matter.

Meet new Patrons Jane Fallon & Ricky Gervais!

As many of you know we have been honoured to have Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon supporting our vital work for the animals of Afghanistan for some time now.

So we are sure that you will be thrilled to hear that the comedic genius that is Ricky and his Best Selling Author partner Jane are now official Patrons of the Nowzad Charity!

Cathy Kangas becomes the Global Ambassador for Nowzad

Cathy Kangas is the new Global Ambassador for Nowzad, supporting our charity that reunites soldiers with the dogs that they befriended while on tour in Afghanistan. 

A night with Nowzad and Victoria Stilwell

On the 25th February 2017 Nowzad teamed up with the fabulous Victoria Stilwell for a joint fundraising event in Decatur, Georgia, USA. The sold out event was held at Canine PhD (thank you so much to the team there for donating the venue for free!) which provided a very doggy themed backdrop to the talk given by Nowzad founder Pen Farthing


Animal aid Abroad support

We are never more inspired then when we see the hard work our supporters do to make a difference for animals in a country that is thousands of miles away from them and animals they will most likely never meet.

Nowzad Poppy Field Print

Military painting in aid of Nowzad - limited print edition

This amazing piece of work, that has been named ‘Nowzad”, has been painted and donated to the charity by artist Dave Hill.


10 year celebration!

Back in November during Remembrance weekend we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Nowzad founder Pen Farthing's first meeting with that dock eared fighting dog that became the inspiration for the charity and what a celebration it was!

Points of Light Award

Nowzad Founder Pen Farthing has been named as the first GlobalBritain Points of Light winner!

An evening with Pen Farthing in Stoke

On the 11th March Pen & Hannah headed north to the birth place of Robbie Williams to tell the 'tail' of how he met Nowzad the dog 10 years ago in a remote forward operating base in Helmand province, Afghanistan. And what a fabulous night of fundraising it was!

Mannequin Challenge

Just for fun the Afghan team at the Nowzad shelter & clinic in Kabul took part in the recent Mannequin Challenge - we have uploaded the video to the official Nowzad YouTube channel.

Watch our Mannequin challenge below which was filmed on the first attempt - and yes... that is a real dog!!!!


The pup of Macrorayan


Back in October the Nowzad team received an email from a very concerned Afghan man named Mohammad. It read as follows:

"My name is Mohammad and I am living in Macrorayan, Kabul, Afghanistan. It is almost more than 20 days that I am seeing a very unfortunate dog in the streets of 3rd Macrorayan and he is living in a very bad and disturbing situation. He has lost his two behind legs as a result of the cruelty of people and now-a-days he is just walking on the streets with only his 2 front legs. It is almost unbearable and very painful to even watch him walking on the streets"

An update from Pen - September 2016

Being part of the Nowzad charity has led me to know one thing for certain.. Our team of Afghan employees, UK & USA Trustees and volunteers and the amazing Nowzad family of supporters just do not know the meaning of taking a break.


Even without the large scale funding we need Nowzad is determined to prevent the unwanted dog and cat populations to be born on to the harsh streets of Kabul.

The Nowzad clinic never stops!

Even with the coalition forces draw down we are still being inundated with requests from soldiers and contractors desperate to find out if they can transport their four legged buddy home with them.

Snowdon Challenge 2016

Even with some of the most brutal weather we have seen on Snowdon our courageous and determined supporters fought their way up and then safely back down Snowdon for Nowzad

Our new 'Afghan Princess'

Left to die on the side of the dirt track, a donkey that has only known hard labour her entire life is discarded like a piece of trash.

Pup Aid 2016

What a great day at Pup Aid. The event was perfectly orgainsed and apart from the last hour or so the weather was great unlike those on the Snowdon Challenge that day!

A huge thank you to Gary and Gemma for travelling to London from their home in Portsmouth to be with us all day and help man the stand.

Thank you to our supporters Donna, Debbie, Diane,  Gillian, Caroline, and Ishani who donated items for us to have on the stall.

It was lovely to meet friends & supporters, old and new, and we also raised £284.84p for Nowzad. 

Same time next year? Let's hope so 

CNN Hero 2014 - Pen Farthing

In December 2014 our founder Pen Farthing received his nomination as one of the top ten finalists for the CNN 2014 Hero award from the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch at a star studded event in New York City.