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Our handsome boy Narenji is absolutely loving his new life. He stole his Mums heart from the start and soon discovered that life in a loving home brings lots of wonderful things. His adopter says ….He is obsessed with having a brush and demands one every day, followed by a treat of course. He also has a thing about the screw caps on the bath panel, every opportunity he runs in the bathroom and pulls them off. He doesn't do anything with them, he just leaves them on the floor where they came off! I have no idea why he does it!! When I'm sitting on the sofa he comes on my shoulder, and if I'm not careful, he somehow manages to remove my earring. When he wants his food in the mornings he tries to wake me by pulling the duvet down with his paw. There is never a dull moment with him around. Everyone says how handsome he is and how mischevious he looks….

We think you’ll agree this little fella really has landed perfectly on his paws. Thank you Sue for giving him a fabulous life.