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Make a Donation


Making a difference

Donating monthly means that we can budget and plan ahead to treat the animals in our care – like our sweetheart Monty (shown here in the picture opposite).

He was found in the road after being hit by a car, struggling to use his severely damaged back legs. Thankfully the Nowzad team were called and Monty was given the best treatment possible. He has regained the use of his back legs but nerve damage remains and now thanks to you and your generous support, he is living his best life in the UK.  

Together with your amazing support we can be there for the animals in desperate need in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

All monthly donations of £5 (UK) or $7 (USA) per month will receive a unique Nowzad t-shirt only for our fabulous monthly donors! 

If you are from the UK please use the standing order form to be found here and if you are from the USA please click here