Donating to NOWZAD

Please use this page to make your fabulous tax deductible donation to Nowzad. By using this page YOU ARE DONATING to the 501c(3) registered organisation based in Frisco, Texas, USA.

Your donation will help to support both the ongoing care and treatment of the donkeys and horses at the Nowzad donkey sanctuary and the vital rabies prevention work from our Veterinary Hospital, all based in Kabul, Afghanistan and our extremely vital work in Ukraine, delivering food and medical supplies to the many animal shelters in the east and south of the country suffering horrendeously during Putin's illegal invasion. 

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Together with your help we are making a real and valued difference. Thank you for caring. 

EIN: 46-0536511

Your Donations

funds 2 large bags of carrots for the donkeys and horses at the Nowzad Equine Sanctuary in Kabul, Afghanistan.

buys a water trough for the working animals at Kabul's brick kilns.

buys a veterinary first aid kit for the border dogs in Ukraine.

funds a full health check (plus vaccination and de-worming/fleaing) for a rescued street dog or cat in Afghanistan.

funds 1 sterilization of a rescue dog at the Nowzad supported shelter in Donetsk, Ukraine.

funds Nowzad's 'Animal Welfare Education Programme' at 3 schools in Kabul, Afghanistan.

will vaccinate 35 rescued street dogs or cats against rabies.

provides three month's supply of antibiotics, deworming treatment and milk formula for the rescued kittens and puppies at Nowzad's Veterinary Hospital in Kabul.

pays for 1 large, permanent shelter for the horses, donkeys and livestock at the migrant camps in Kabul.

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