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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


DOB June 2019 Female Mixed Breed

Alex was found on the streets in midwinter struggling to survive with her pups by a local Afghan man and brought to the safety of Nowzad for safekeeping. She a really friendly with people but can be reactive to some dogs especially if they get too full on with her. Alex is looking for a loving home where she will be a super companion and  needs to be the only dog. She cannot live with cats. Alex is Spayed and fully vaccinated.

Reserved ALFIE

DOB October 2014 Male Mixed Breed

Alfie is a lovely boy who came to Nowzad as a young dog. Alfie is quite shy at first meeting people until he gets to know you and then becomes outgoing and friendly. He loves to go for a walk on a lead but has no recall. He is very biddable and works nicely for treats. Alfie could live with a confident but non aggressive dog. He cannot live with a cat as he does not like them. Alfie is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB February 2017 Male Large Mixed Breed

Apollo is our handsome big lad who loves people. Apollo ears were cut off by locals who were going to use him for dog fighting but thankfully we managed to give him safety at the Nowzad shelter. His ears are cropped very closely and they need to be looked after by cleaning once a week. He will happily sit still for this to be done. A really super dog who stole the hearts of the quarantine staff who were looking after him as well as all the team in Kabul. However, because of his past experiences he is not good with other dogs and definitely cannot live with cats. He enjoys a good walk and is lead trained. He is a big strong dog. Apollo loves human company and will make a great companion - a very happy dog. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB July 2018

Dogosh is a good looking boy who is outgoing, confident, cuddly and quick to learn. He walks really well on a lead and enjoys a good ramble. However, he does not do well with other dogs especially Male dogs so would need to be kept on a lead. He is super friendly with people and is always happy to see you. No cats as he does not like them. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.

MARTY (Martin)

DOB November 2017 Male Mixed Breed TRI PAW

Martin is a handsome 4 year old male dog. Very kind with people but needs a slow introduction. He is partially disabled as he came to us with two broken limbs, one front & one back. Front leg has healed well but back leg is stiff and does give him a little support for his front leg. He walks well on a lead and gentle shorter walks are better for him. He is good with other dogs generally but can be protective. Marty needs slow introduction as can be nervous with new people but once he knows you is really friendly and enjoys a cuddle. Because he can be protective of people he needs to be an only dog and definitely no cats as he does not like them. He is neutered & fully vaccinated. 


DOB July 2014 Male Mixed Breed

Max is a very nervous boy but once he gets to know you will tolerate a cuddle. He needs a quiet and understanding home. Once he gains trust Max will settle well into a routine. He is biddable and walks strongly on a lead and he does enjoy his rambles. Max cannot live with cats. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB October 2018 Female Mixed Breed TRI PAW

Adorable Mom Dog is a tripaw who is very confident. She loves to be noticed and is super cuddly. Loves squeaky toys. She is fairly good with other dogs until they annoy her. If they are too active and start jumping around she will let them know she is not happy but does respond to a very firm No. She walks nicely on a lead but cannot do very long walks. Mom Dog would do better in a home where she is the only dog and cannot live with cats. She will make a super companion as she loves to be with people. She is spayed and fully vaccinated.


DOB January 2014 Male Mixed Breed

Lovable Monty is our special needs boy with a huge personality. He is super friendly with people and loves to zoom around on his wheels. He can use his legs around the home but his wheels are needed for walks. Monty is not good with all dogs and needs careful introduction with some very slowly. He really is a lot of fun with people and loves to play. He is continent but needs to be taken outside regularly as he cannot hold himself for too long.  Monty is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB September 2020 Male Mixed Breed

Handsome Nama is a young male dog who is friendly with people. He is training well on a lead and is loving the new experience of going out for walks. Nama was rescued as he was suffering from low level Leishmaniasis and has now finished his treatment. He is a lovely boy who deserves a caring and loving home. Nama cannot live with cats. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.

Reserved REBA

DOB November 2020 Female Mixed Breed

Pretty girl Reba has really adapted well to meeting new people over the last few months. She is a little shy but very friendly and will come for a cuddle. She can be a little nervous around some dogs but with patience, time and & a little training will learn to trust. She loves her walks and is training to walk well on her lead. Reba is a beautiful girl who cannot wait to find her forever home. She cannot live with cats. She is Spayed and fully vaccinated.


DOB November 2013 Female Mixed Breed

Beautiful Rae is a very shy, timid dog with people. Once she gets to know you she comes out of her shell. Rae is not good with other dogs and needs a quiet home with an understanding and experienced owner with no cats or dogs. She is beginning to enjoy her daily walks. She is Spayed and fully vaccinated.     


DOB March 2014 Female Mixed Breed

Roadrunner is a lovely girl who is a little nervous initially to people but once she gets to know you becomes outgoing, friendly and really loves a cuddle. Very relaxed after settling. She does have a tendency to be top dog over other dogs. She is good when out but would suit a one dog home and cannot live with cats. Roadrunner walks strongly on a lead and does enjoy her daily rambles. She is a really lovely dog who will blossom in a home. She is Spayed and fully vaccinated.


DOB October 2019 Male Mixed Breed

This lovable handsome boy is energetic and full of beans. We are looking for for an experienced owner who can give Teddy plenty of walks and lots of fuss. He is super friendly with people and very affectionate. Can be a little reactive to some dogs. He is happy to sleep on his own and will entertain himself with toys. Teddy is house trained. Teddy needs a home where he will be the only dog and he cannot live with cats. Teddy will always need to be kept on a lead as although he is very bright and learns fast he will not master the art of recall. However, he is good on a lead. This lovely boy is a real character with a happy loving temperament - always clowning, entertaining and sure to bring a smile to your heart. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB July 2014

This handsome cat is still looking for his special home. Stinker loves to sit with you whilst watching TV or reading a book. Loves a pet but will let you know when he has had enough. Very loving & affectionate. He is not very vocal.He is looking for a cat free home. A gorgeous Orange who will give you lots of company but independent enough not to be too overbearing. Could you be the one to give him that loving safe forever home? He is a very intelligent cat. Neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB August 2020

Adorable Shirak is a young male cat who lived with a family in Kabul before they had to evacuate and they could not take him with them. He is very friendly with people but needs to be an only cat. Loves his food and enjoys a pet. Could you give him the opportunity to live a safe happy life with you? Shirak is neutered and fully vaccinated.


DOB August 2019

Rommel was a soldier rescue who was brought to Nowzad for safekeeping. Sadly his rescuer could not take him home so he came on the Ark. Rommel is a lovely  boy who needs to be shown that there is a loving life to be enjoyed. He will enjoy a pet but is not overly cuddly but he has never known that but does respond to people so clearly will blossom once in a home. Neutered and fully vaccinated Handsome Rommel needs a loving safe home. Needs to be an only cat.


DOB February 2021 Female medium Mixed Breed. TRIPAW

Pretty girl Nicky was born with a deformed front leg. She is super friendly with people and a real cuddle bug. She is fine with dogs whilst on walks but cannot live with dogs or cats at home. Nicky walks really well on a lead but cannot do very long walks. Nicky’s happy smile & friendly persona will steal your heart and will be a great companion. Spayed, fully vaccinated & microchipped.