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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Dog or Cat NOWZAD Adoption Application

Dear potential adopter;

Thank you for considering adopting one of our amazing rescued companion animals from Afghanistan that was rescued to the United Kingdom during Operation Ark. Please read the notes below carefully before completing the application form.

Currently, all of our adoptable dogs and cats are in kennelling in the UK whilst waiting to be adopted. We will answer any questions we can about their character and temperament as they were whilst in Afghanistan but we have not seen them in a home environment here in the UK and so some behavioural traits will only show once the animal has adjusted to their new surroundings and family.

Please note that we are not able to rehome any Nowzad dog in a household with any of the following;

  • Resident cat
  • More than one resident dog
  • Resident children in the family under 12

All our dogs and cats for adoption are neutered or spayed and we also vaccinate all for rabies, parvo, distemper, flea & tick and worms.

Prior to any adoption commencing we will carry out a home check in person or via zoom (COVID regulation dependant) and ask for a reference from a local veterinarian. The below adoption form must be completed by the new owner.

All of our Nowzad former street dogs or cats will need a home where love and patience walk hand in hand. It can be a long road of trial and error and careful supervision is always necessary. Overcoming the Afghan animal’s very territorial nature can have its moments. But we are there to help you as much as we can.

We have fully come to appreciate that adopting an Afghan animal is not for everybody as it requires a life time of commitment. But we so hope you can offer the loving home one of our companion animals are looking for!

The team at Nowzad; feel it is very important to ensure that you and your family / home situation is right for the dog or cat you are considering adopting. Please be as honest with us as you can when you complete the questionnaire. Some of our older dogs or cats that need ‘forever’ homes may not readily accept other dogs that are already living in your home but our younger dogs will settle with the correct introduction and supervision.

Our team has lived with Afghan dogs and cats for many years and draw upon their hard won experience to make the best decision for the benefit of the dog or cat – not the potential owner!
So if you do become a Nowzad owner then you can rest assured you are about to embark on many adventures together with your new best friend!

If you have any further questions prior to completing this application form, please just ask! I wish you all the best with your application and do hope we can match you to your Afghan forever buddy!

Yours in dog and cat rescue;

Nowzad adoption manager

  • Application Form

  • - -
  • To help us make the right decision on a lifelong four legged companion please complete the answers as best you can – thank you.

  • (Nowzad Dogs and cats are not aware of traffic or able to easily adapt to busy main roads without careful and constant supervision)

  • Please be advised that we will insist that all Nowzad cats are ‘house-cats’ for an extended period of time until they are completely settled.

  • Very important Quite Important Not Important
    Like children
    Like strangers
    Enjoy being picked up
    Be good with cats / dogs

  • Agreement:

    1. You understand that the dog / cat you rehome will be taken on as a house pet and is not to be kept kennelled or tied up outside.
    2. You will register the microchip of the dog or cat as soon as possible with your details.
    3. The dog/cat will be rehomed as your companion and is not to be used as a guard dog (in respect of a dog!!)
    4. Nowzad can at any times reserve the right to reclaim the dog/cat if it is deemed that the dog / cat is not being fed, housed or cared for to the satisfaction of Nowzad.
    5. If you should decide you can no longer care for the dog/cat then it must be returned to the charity ASAP.
    6. You accept full liability for any future veterinary fees incurred whilst the dog / cat is in your care.
    7. You understand that although we will inform you of everything we know about the animal’s prior history we cannot guarantee future behaviour or inherent medical problems that have not been diagnosed.
    8. Nowzad will do its best to advise you on any aspect of caring for the dog / cat where possible. You must be fully aware that it can take up to six months in some cases for the dog/cat to settle in.
    9. If you live in rented accommodation Nowzad will contact your landlord to confirm your tenancy agreement allows pets.
    10. You agree to pay an upfront Adoption fee of UK £175 for a dog or £75 for a cat.
    11. Nowzad has the right to ask for a house visit or further references before a final decision is made as to your suitability to adopt a Nowzad dog or cat.
  • - -