A message from Pen, Nowzad founder

Well as we all know too well, we can’t take our money with us when we pass on – something we all hope is far into the future and not to be dwelled on, at all! But to honour that compassion towards animals that so many of us have, I wonder if you’d thought about leaving a legacy and the gift of hope to the Nowzad charity?

You may never meet the animals in Afghanistan or those caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, but I can promise your thoughts and legacy towards them WILL make an amazing difference for them all.

I personally make sure that all donations we receive are used as our supporters would want – that is improving the lives of animals in countries where they currently have only us to watch out for them. That was how the charity began when I rescued my battle buddy Nowzad and how I know all of us, Nowzad included, would want it to continue, long after we’ve all gone.

The support you’ve given and may give again, is so appreciated by all of us at the Nowzad charity and I want you to know what a difference your kindness makes, in this life and beyond.

A true and very heartfelt thank-you.

Pen Farthing

Mary & Richard

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."

Nowzad makes that difference.

They are an amazing group of people who do a fantastic job rescuing and rehoming animals, providing a lifeline to those in dire need in the most horrendous circumstances.

We are not strong physically or mentally, and we could not do what Nowzad do day in and day out, BUT we, too, can still make a difference by supporting this vital work.  

Any small contribution we make is gratefully received and put to excellent use.  We are particularly delighted to be leaving them a tax-efficient legacy in our wills.

It is good to think that as we leave this life, Nowzad will fight on to end suffering.

Mary Lynn Prior & Richard Seale


Writing a will and thinking about the future when we’re not going to be around is an important but also delicate process.

Thankfully though it is also far simpler than many people imagine, and there is a wealth of information and resources out there as a guide. If you’d like to help Nowzad, a good place to start is here. Our easy-to-read Nowzad legacy leaflet is available to download just below. :


Please also feel free to call 07583 812091 anytime if you would like to speak to Nowzad staff about leaving the charity a lasting gift in your will.

Additional information

You can also click on the following downloadable fact sheets for some further information on writing a Will, a “jargon buster” and for some extra inspiration on how a gift to Nowzad will help animals for many generations to come.