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A message from Pen Farthing

Well, as I guess you are all too aware, we cannot take our money with us when we pass on and so when family and friends have been cared for why not consider leaving a gift of hope to the Nowzad charity?

You may well never meet the animals in Afghanistan but your kindness WILL make an amazing difference for them with your legacy.

I personally make sure that all monies we receive are used as our supporters want their donations to be used; improving the lives of animals in a country where they currently have only us to watch out for them.

Of course I do not want you to pop your clogs just yet – I appreciate the amazing support you give the Nowzad charity whilst you are alive but; as the drill Sergeant during Royal Marines training always drummed into us;

Prior Planning is ALWAYS Essential!!! (It was actually said a little ruder than that but...)

We are making a difference right now in Afghanistan and I hope you continue to help us make that difference in the future.

Thank you

Pen Farthing

Download the Legacy Leaflet