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Adopt a special dog from Nowzad

Do you have space in your heart and home for these special rescues? These are just two of the many amazing four legged companions that are available for adoption from the Nowzad shelter! Please our adoption page for more details by clicking here

Add some sunshine into your life by adopting Kurshid!

Khurshid came to us suffering from mange and more sadly she had been beaten. This poor girl, still just a young puppy was so fearful of us that we needed to use a muzzle during her rescue which involved Pen and Mirwais stopping rush hour traffic to safely trap her.
Khurshid responded well to treatment and enjoyed the tender care that she received. She soon came to realise that life was not all bad and she has developed into a friendly girl, who gets on well with the other dogs here at Nowzad.
Khurshid is around 10 months old. She is ready to find a family of her very own. We hope that someone out there is ready to give her that very special place called home.

Her name means 'Sun' so please show her the sunniest days of her life by adopting her.
If you are interested in giving Khurshid a forever home, please email us here

Paws up for Pagunda!

Pagunda is just around one year old. He was found in the streets by Dr Reshad, who had noticed that the pup had a very swollen front leg.

Pagunda means 'big paw' so this name was chosen for him because his poorly paw was actually 10 times bigger than it should have been

Back at the Nowzad clinic it soon became clear that the infection was so bad that our vets took the decision to amputate his leg to give him the best chance of survival.

With lots of support and TLC, Pagunda blossomed.

Losing a leg, did not stop him, so please do not let it stop you from offering him a home of his own.

Pagunda gets on well with other dogs and cats here at Nowzad and he would just love to have a family of his very own.

Please email here if you can offer our Pagunda the loving home he deserves.

Thank you.

Adopt a special dog from Nowzad Adopt a special dog from Nowzad

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