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A message from Pen

From rescuing Nowzad and Tali back in 2006 (although to be fair, they rescued me) I have never actually adopted a dog from Nowzad... but then again you could say I have 150 ‘adopted dogs’ every time I travel out to the Nowzad shelter!

Patchdog (sadly no longer with us) and Maxchat (still as bonkers as ever) were both soldier rescues that came back to the charity for various reasons and had nowhere to go. They stayed with me and just never left.

I always like having three dogs around the house, it makes walking slightly more ‘interesting’ to manage, but I have never been known for taking the easy route in life....

So after finally putting Hannah on the spot during filming for the Animal Planet episode of Dodo Heroes last year, I got my wish for us to become a 3 dog family again.
And JebBear, the 3 legged, singing dog who had been at Nowzad for nearly 3 years was the one. 

Just like I had with Nowzad, JebBear and I hit it off immediately. 
I would always look forward to seeing him first when I travelled to Kabul, he became my official ‘Kabul’ dog!

Right now, I am sitting at home with JebBear snuggled up to me, whilst he sporadically licks my face as if to say ‘thank you’. 

It reiterates what power the incredible Nowzad Family have to make a difference. 

Without you to fund the Nowzad clinic, JebBear would have been left on the streets three years ago with a horrifically broken back leg after being hit by a car. His days numbered, with no-one to ease the pain. 
Without you, our fabulous Afghan team would not have been able to care for JebBear over the years and allow him to stay, rehabilitate and grow into this loving dog that I now get to call one of our pack.

I am truly honoured to head up the Nowzad charity on your behalf. 

With our soldier rescues already into double figures in January alone, 2019 is promising to be an even better year for animal welfare in Afghanistan. 
Please continue to support the Nowzad charity – your generous support truly make a difference.

From myself, Hannah and JebBear, thank you. 

A message from Pen A message from Pen

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