Stamps & old coins


Do you get lots of mail or have any used stamps that you no longer wish to keep? If so, we can turn your used stamps into vital funds for Nowzad! We can collect all types of used stamps from anywhere in the world including everyday 1st and 2nd class stamps along with special edition and stamp albums. Please just make sure the stamps if possible have a small piece of the envelope around them as a border (no more 4mm) and if you have any stamps from outside the UK please could we kindly ask that these are kept separate if possible.

We can also turn all those old coins and notes into funds for the charity; we are able to collect all types of old currency that is no longer in circulation. Our used stamp and old coin collecting scheme has proven to be a fantastic way for us to raise much needed funds for the charity so please do keep them coming!

If you would like to help us with our appeal, used stamps and old currency can be sent to our very good friend David at StampsNall who so far has given the charity several thousands pounds after sorting through our stamps and old coins! Please use the link to David’s contact details here.

Small packets can be sent directly to; (please check with the post office that you have the correct postage!)

Stamps n All, Dept NOWZAD, 32 Eastbury Avenue, Plymouth PL5 2NB

Stamps & Coins