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This little spitfire of a cat had already stolen the hearts of his adopters before the Ark left Kabul. When they enquired about him it was meant to be ….and he really has settled into home life so well. His new family say….

‘Stan is doing amazing, they should come with a warning of how crazy they are. He’s great, and best friends with our other cat Isla. They have their mad moments where it’s like a circus of cats in the house. Stan entertains us everyday with what he does and he’s a big boy! He’s just a joy and I can’t imagine life without our little ginger boy. He’s only quiet when he’s sleeping (or sleeping on my head).He loves the warmth not the cold…….’

This lucky fella really struck gold and we say a huge thank you to his Mum & Dad for loving him & giving him a brilliant life. Keep performing Stan …..we love hearing of your escapades!