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This handsome boy seriously struck gold when his family were looking for another rescue dog to keep their settled rescue Herbie company. The two boys quickly settled into life together and are now a dynamic duo keeping their Mum & Dad smiling and busy! They have mastered the art of digging their own bunker, running, playing and after an exhausting day having so much fun together,  settle down with each other into a blissful sleep. Always having to be touching these two boys are truly happy. Loki has decided that he will be chief inspector of all the produce grown in the garden and even in winter is a regular visitor to the vegetable poly tunnel. He loves his trips to the beach and most of all is dearly loved and cherished by his family. It’s a total joy to see him so happy and completely settled with his new family and his partner in crime Herbie. We love seeing your adventures darling lad and for always making us smile.