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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Tiny Tiny

Tiny was born on a US forces base in Orgun-E in Afghanistan and as the tiniest of the litter of pups born to feral on the base she was named Tiny! Sadly the litter suffered from worms and all but Tiny died including the mom.

The US soldiers teamed up and helped raise Tiny together and that's when one the soldiers whose home was in Virginia, knew he just had to attempt to take her back to the US.
Over the years that Tiny lived on the base she was always getting herself in trouble; she got hit by a local vehicle and the guys all rallied around get her back to full health, then she ran into C-Wire and cut her leg really bad...once again the entire base aided her back to full recovery! She never seems to quit and is always smiling and loves PEANUT BUTTER. That's her favourite snack!

With the support of the Nowzad team Tiny was rescued to Virginia and the farm where her and her soldier love to run together. 

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