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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue




In March 2015 the Nowzad charity was approached by a former military dog handler about a dog called Eggy that he had worked with whilst serving in Afghanistan.  The handler had long since left Afghanistan but he had never forgotten Eggy and had made it his life’s mission to find her and be reunited with her.

Somehow he had managed to locate Eggy and she was ready for retirement but for travel to Europe Eggy had to go through the long 3 month process of the FAVN blood tests. 

Nowzad partnered with No Dog Gets Left Behind to raise the funds needed to be able to reunite Eggy with her handler when the time came.

In June 2015 Eggy was reunited with her handler - it was an emotional expereince and one we are all proud to have been part of. 

Eggy is now in Spain and both dog and handler were thrilled to be reunited.

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