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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Hope Hope

In 2013 we had been asked by an American soldier serving in Afghanistan to rescue his dog Yakkul.  
It was very obvious that this kind hearted soldier adored animals so we were not at all surprised in early 2015 to receive and email from him. He explained that he was now serving in Iraq and was looking after a very sick puppy and that one of his team wanted to take the puppy home to America.

Rescuing Hope from Iraq was no easy process – at the time most of the airlines had stopped flying the route that was required, fortunately we were able to secure a flight to Amman in Jordan where Judith from Welcome Home Kennels was on hand to take care of Hope whilst she was prepared for the journey home.

After the required funds were raised by the fabulous Nowzad family to pay for her journey and kennel fees, Gorgeous girl Hope was flown to her forever home to be reunited with her soldier in May 2015.

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