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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


Dave the dog

Dave the dog Dave the dog

Dave was found by a Royal Marine in Southern Afghanistan when he was a very young pup.  Poor Dave had suffered the fate of many dogs here in Afghanistan; his tail and ears had been cruelly docked.

For Dave though he landed on his feet when Royal Marines out on patrol saw him being teased and pulled around by some children.  Desperate not to leave this poor little puppy behind they came to an agreement with the children and swapped a packet of mini flares in return for Dave! (Not an ideal swap but it did the trick!)

From this day on, Dave was treated like royalty and was never short of cuddles and playtime from the hardened Royal Marines he lived with.  When Dave’s owner realised the end of his tour was approaching he contacted Nowzad to see if we could help and a mission to get Dave from one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan was mounted.  After some frantic planning Dave finally arrived to the safety of the Nowzad Rescue Centre.

In September 2010 Dave made the long journey to the UK and quarantine before being successfully released to live with the Royal Marine who had first found him. 

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