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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue


DOB January 2014, Special needs, mixed breed

Our sweet special needs partially disabled boy Monty is still waiting for his forever home. This 8 year old adorable boy has really improved in his mobility since his release from quarantine and we have been working closely with him to get him moving well. He no longer is in needs of wheels & walks & runs well on his legs though it has to be managed and at his speeds. He is fairly continent and will need constant access to a garden. He can manage steps and can even make it onto a garden bench when no one is watching! He is the cheekiest and most comedic dog from the Ark! Monty is a super friendly boy and really loves being with people, always wanting a cuddle and knows his name. This darling boy is always pleased to see you & greets with the biggest smile and the waggiest tail, he steals everyone’s heart who meets him and although he will be missed dearly by the kennel staff it’s time for him to have his own family. He loves to be brushed and enjoys a bath. Monty travels well in a car and is easy and fully compliant to pick up. He is not a large dog and is very easy and sweet to handle. He really is a very intelligent dog and learns quickly. Monty gets on well with some dogs but can be a little dominant. He has socialised well over the last few months and now enjoys a daily walk out charming everyone with his Sunny personality. He is not cat tested. He loves to play with his toys and enjoys his chews. It’s time for Monty to find his forever home, he really does deserve to be given the chance of a happy family life. Can you offer this total joy of of a dog the ticket to a dream life. All his friends have gone home and it is his time now. Monty is neutered, vaccinated, flea, tick, wormed & microchipped.  Please do consider giving Monty a chance of a special home where he will give you unconditional love. Monty will be provided with a support package to help his special needs. Please complete an application form if you can give this deserving boy the future he dreams of. Currently in Hampshire.


DOB July 2019 FEMALE Mixed Breed

Sharak is a beautiful intelligent girl who travelled home on the Ark. She is super friendly with people and responsive to affection & praise. She will sit for a treat and wants to please. She walks well with another placid dog and could live with a calm but playful dog. Sharak is very playful and has lots of energy so we are looking for an experienced home for her and also one where she will get lots of exercise and good walking. She is quick to learn and is biddable. She really enjoys working and learning and is in great physical shape. Always super excited to see you this lovely girl has won the hearts of the kennel staff but it’s time for her to find a family to call her own  and to live the dream. Sharak is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped & flea, tick & wormed. Could you offer this bright, alert & intelligent girl a home. She is so deserving of her own family and will make a wonderful companion. Currently in Hampshire.

Reserved GRACEY

DOB January 2011 Female Mixed Breed

Gracey is one of our golden oldies looking for her forever home. She is really lovely with people once she gets to know you but likes and needs a quiet life. Gracey is happy to just wander around a garden and have her own bed in a quiet spot. She does not enjoy going for walks as she finds the big outside overwhelming and she does not like other dogs and cats so needs a quiet home with no other animals. However she loves to be stroked and enjoys human company so we are looking for a home where she will be a companion as she really is great company. Ever alert she does enjoy watching the pigeons and squirrels and loves to sit and watch the world go by. She really does deserve a home to call her own so if you are looking for a lovely companion who will happily enjoy your home & garden Gracey is your girl. She is spayed, vaccinated, flea, tick & wormed & also microchipped. Please give this lovely girl a chance to blossom. Currently in Hampshire.


DOB JULY 2021 Male Mixed Breed

Handsome lad Freddie was one of our youngest dogs to travel home on the Ark and has recently reached the stage for rehoming. He is the most adorable boy once he gets to know you but is nervous at first so we are looking for a home where he can have lots of exercise but also an experienced owner who will continue with the lead work and training with him. He is an intelligent boy who learns well. He really is a super little dog who will captivate your heart. Freddie will chase so no cats. He walks well with a calm dog. Ideally we are looking for an experienced owner with a garden and time to walk and work with Freddie. If you love walking or hiking Freddie is your boy! He does love praise and responds well to teaching. He will make an absolutely adorable boy once he settles. Could you give this darling lad the chance of a great life. At last it’s time for him to go home and as much as we will miss him we would love to see him happily settled with a family to call his own. He is vaccinated, Neutered, flea, tIck & wormed & Microchipped. Please complete the adoption form if you are interested and make his dreams come true. He is such a deserving little fella. Currently in Devon.