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When we rescued that one dog called Nowzad back in 2006 we never really thought too much about the importance of long term funding, we just wanted to make a difference to that one animal.

But now, many years on, we are responsible for so many more animals and so funding our work in Afghanistan has become a 24/7 mission!

Get fundraising

Nowzad founder Pen is determined that our operating costs (office rent, insurance, stationary, heating and lighting, taxes, auditing responsibilities, fuel costs, IT maintenance, kennel costs, vet fees, flights, PR material production, phone costs, website hosting and design, vaccines, kennel equipment, protective clothing and equipment, staff medical treatment to name but a few of the everyday costs we have to meet) are kept to a minimum ensuring that we can treat and care for as many animals as possible in Afghanistan. But without those operating costs we would not be able to deliver the quality of care and animal welfare that we do.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated by all of us here at Nowzad. It truly does make a difference.

Fund raising is a fun and effective way of making a difference in Afghanistan and is limited only by your imagination!

Our amazing Nowzad family have spent so much of their time and efforts in raising funds and we are overwhelmed and in awe of their enthusiasm.

From the school children who bake and sell cakes at school, to the lone marathon runners, swimmers, cyclists, walkers, to those of you who have run stalls at dog shows, village fetes, jumped out of perfectly good aeroplanes, held coffee mornings and to those who just quietly give donations on-line and those who kindly put money in the Nowzad collection tins. 

From all of us here at Nowzad we want to say thank you!

Please keep putting the fun into fundraising and know that you are making a difference to all the animals in our care, thank you. 

Pennies for Pups

Almost run out of strawberry jam? Scraping the bottom of the peanut butter jar for your morning toast?

Well Nowzad has a use for that empty jar once you have given it a wash out! ‘Pennies for Pups’ or if you are from the ‘other’ side of the pond then ‘Nickels for Nowzad’

By sending Nowzad a self-addressed envelope (correct postage please!) we will send you a Nowzad ‘Pennies for Pups’ sticker that will brighten up your old jam jar whilst gently reminding you to place your discarded pennies into the pot. Full instructions are included to let you know how to donate once your jar is full.

How many pennies or nickels will it take for you to fill your jam jar or in the Nowzad household ~ empty crunchy peanut butter jar (which Nowzad loves by the way…)

If you would like to receive a Pennies for Pups stick please send SAE’s to:

Nowzad charity

The Meriel Suite
Hartnoll Farm Business Centre
Post Hill

Give a car

Nowzad has came across a unique fundraising opportunity, that could help us to raise thousands more over the next year! Giveacar will actually tow away the unwanted car taking up space in your driveway and donate the profits to your chosen registered charity. And the best part about the scheme is that it won’t cost you a penny!

So, how does it work? Giveacar dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way, recycling at least 85% of the weight of the car. The profits from the scrap or sale of your car then go to the registered charity of your choice. If you choose to donate to Nowzad Dogs you could help us to reach our fundraising goals and help raise vital funds towards our work in Afghanistan.

Giveacar can pick up any vehicle, anywhere in the UK and you could raise up to £130.00 for Nowzad Dogs at no cost to you.

Please click below for further details.