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Christmas Store & Nowzad Newsletter 2014

Dear Nowzad Supporter;

Finally we can send out the Nowzad Dogs newsletter 2014. For all of us involved it has been a very busy year which has seen us expand our Afghan staff to cater for the growing demand for fully trained vets to deliver animal welfare on the streets of a country slowly turning the corner after holding a very long winded but successful Presidential election. Our staff have worked hard to treat every animal brought to the Nowzad clinic including companion animals like poor Whitey. We are immensely proud of what they have achieved in promoting animal welfare in Afghanistan.

One of our rescued dogs ‘Wylie’ won Scruffts earlier in the year, the world’s premier crossbreed competition and we are really chuffed to tell you he now has his own book for sale (signed copies) direct from our Nowzad store!

new nowzad tshirt

And we have just been told that Pen Farthing has been selected as a top ten CNN Hero for 2014 and we now need your vote to secure the top spot and a grant of $100,000 towards our work in Afghanistan! Please vote daily until the 16th of November – every vote counts! You can vote for Pen belowHEROES LOGO 2013-14

We do hope you enjoy reading the Nowzad Dogs newsletter which can be found below and remember our online shop is now up and running with new merchandise for Christmas!

Pages from Nowzad-Newsletter-2014-Web

Nowzad Newsletter 2014

All the best

The Nowzad Team!


Help Nowzad Dogs to win $100,000!

We have some HUGE news that we are so excited to share with you!

Pen Farthing has been shortlisted as one of the Top 10 CNN HEROES 2014!

We now have the opportunity to win a grant for Nowzad that is a massive $100,000. 

This is a sum we have only dreamt about and could make a monumental difference in securing the foreseeable future of the ONLY animal welfare shelter in Afghanistan as we so desperately need funds to keep going day to day.

We are asking all our supporters to please make it part of your routine every day to take a minute out to vote for Pen. Everyone can vote from an email address ONCE A DAY EVERY DAY until November 16th when voting closes. Here is the link to vote:

Pen says; “This is an amazing honour to be in the top ten and I am being brutally honest when I say that as a charity we need these funds desperately. Just one minute of your time daily to secure that grant is vital for us to continue operating the only animal shelter in Afghanistan. It would be the greatest gift to go to sleep at night knowing that the future of Nowzad and all the animals with no voice but ours will be secured for just that little bit longer. Thank you so much”.



The Afghan Dog On Wheels

A message from Founder Pen Farthing; ‘This story demonstrates why I am so proud of the Nowzad team, especially those in Kabul at the Nowzad clinic, for everything they have achieved. Religion and culture are put to one side as we are united by our determination to make a difference for the welfare of animals.
And of course, I cannot forget our amazing supporters whose donations have made it all possible for us to be there for Whitey and all the others! Thank you’.

Whitey, a six month old orphaned pup, was living near to an ISAF base in Kabul where she was being taken care of by kind local Afghan children, soldiers and civilian western contractors alike.

But sadly on 26 August 2014, Whiteys life changed forever. Starting her day playing with the local children that congregate around the outside of the base she soon, as young pups do, tired herself out and choose what she must have thought was a safe spot for a nap in the afternoon sun.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and sadly a military vehicle hit Whitey before she could move out of the way, crushing her back legs.

Luckily, the children that played with her and a contractor working at ISAF were on hand immediately to arrange transport direct to the Nowzad clinic. It was distressing enough for our clinic staff to deal with the horrific injuries that Whitey had suffered, let alone attempt to reassure the distraught children who were beside themselves and begging the Nowzad team to save their dog.

Dr Mujtaba, immediately gave strong pain relief and tended to her injuries.
Both of Whitey’s back legs had been broken. Whilst the Nowzad team always give 100% to every animal that comes to our clinic, our resources are limited and we doubted that we had the resources required to give Whitey any quality of life back. We contemplated the fact it might be the kindest thing to put her to sleep.
But the Afghan children and the contractor pleaded that we attempt to treat her injuries.

On 29 Aug 2014 Dr Susan Chadima, a visiting American vet who trains our own vets, was on hand at the Nowzad clinic to assist us with surgery on Whitey.
Without going into the technical details of her injuries the highly skilled vet team lead by Dr Susan made the heart-wrenching decision that Whitey would have to lose her left leg. It would have been untreatable even if she had been in a modern western vet hospital.

Her right leg was also very badly damaged but there was a chance it could be saved.

There were so many obstacles in front of the team; Whitey’s right leg had to be kept free from infection but the dressing could not be changed daily as the leg had to be splinted and remain fixed to allow the damaged bones any chance of healing.

So on 2nd Sept Whitey underwent her first dressing change. The team were amazed at the progress they saw; the tissue and skin were starting to regenerate with no signs of infection and the tissue regeneration has since continued at an astounding rate.

However, Whitey is just like any other dog and as her treatment progressed she attempted to be more and more active which was clearly going to be a problem and we ideally needed her remaining leg to be stress free while we hoped it would heal.

And thankfully a very generous man called Jim Colla stepped up to help.
Jim runs ‘Dog Wheels’ in the UK and specializes in wheelchairs for dogs.

Jim after receiving a request for advice immediately offered to send Whitey a specially made wheelchair for free which arrived within 10 days of the first email!

It has now been a month since Whitey had her accident and she has come along in leaps and bounds. She is best friends with Monty, a pup of around the same age that came in just a few weeks before with a broken pelvis. Monty, much like Whitey, is almost impossible to keep still and although he can get himself up and walk, he tries to do everything at top speed which results in him constantly falling over. Rather than taking the time to pick himself up he just drags himself along the ground instead.

We decided to try Monty in Whiteys wheelchair and off he went as fast as he could! So once again we spoke to Jim at Dogs Wheels and he generously offered to make a chair to help Monty with his recovery. It is not certain at this stage if Monty will need his chair forever or just until his pelvis heals but both Monty and Whitey have a chance of being the playful pups that they once were.

Both dogs need homes, however, we have a long way to go before we can consider attempting to transport them to the US or UK once we have found their special forever homes (to enquire about adopting cats or dogs from Nowzad please click here) and so for now we need to care for them at the Nowzad clinic along with the many other cats and dogs that come to us from the streets of Kabul that need our support who have no voice but ours.
If you can help us to help them, then please visit to donate to our JBad appeal to raise the vital running costs associated with operating a small animal clinic and the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan.


Pre-order your signed hardback copy of Pen Farthing’s new book ‘Wylie’

Order now your signed hardback copy of Pen Farthing’s new book ‘Wylie’ the brave street dog who never gave up! Ordering direct from the charity online store will ensure the charity receives a greater percentage of the sale towards our work in Afghanistan.

£14.99 + P&P for the signed hardback version of ‘Wylie’. (Paperback not available until June 2015).

Pre-order from the Nowzad Online Store →
Pre-order from Amazon →

For a dog born into the harsh reality of life on the streets of Afghanistan to one day being crowned top crossbreed dog during the Kennel Club’s Crufts, the largest dog show on earth, is nothing short of a miracle. But for Wylie, the gentle cropped eared ball of fur, miracles seemed to happen quite regularly.

Beaten and abused, Wylie suffered terrible injuries that needed urgent treatment. Rescued close to death, with hacked off ears and a severed tail he was attended to by soldiers who feared he would not last the night. Astonishingly he did, only to return days later with new injuries.

But a lifeline came when he was rescued by animal welfare charity Nowzad Dogs and flown to Britain in preparation for a new life in Australia with the soldier that had first taken care of his injuries.

But failing the strict Australian import regulation tests left Wylie stranded in the UK and the charity asking the question; ‘who would take a chance with an undomesticated stray?’ Luckily for Wylie his biggest adventure yet was about to be begin…

This is the incredible and heart-warming story of a dog who never gave up on people.


Donations of Medical Supplies

With immediate effect we are no longer able to accept any donations of ‘out of date’ medical supplies of any nature. The cost of transporting and correctly assessing each item sent to us has now outweighed the benefit of the donation.

As the security situation in Kabul improves so does the availability of ‘in date’ medical supplies and so finding the funding to purchase in-country supplies is now our priority.

We would like to thank all those who have donated to us in the past, your time and generosity is extremely appreciated by all of us here at Nowzad Dogs. Thank you.

Hannah Snowdon

Nowzad 2014 Mount Snowdon Challenge

Are you willing to go the extra mile to help Nowzad Dogs?

Sign up now to secure your place in our exhilarating challenge to raise vital funds for the animals of Afghanistan.

We’ve teamed up again with The AdventureFitness Company, who are generously providing qualified and experienced mountain leaders, free of charge, to expertly lead your trek up Snowdon through some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles.

On Saturday 6th September 2014 we will be walking to the summit of Mount Snowdon via the PYG track and at the end of it, you can sink a well-deserved pint in the pub, what more can you ask for?! (Along with the famous ‘Pen Farthing’ Saturday night quiz and update on the work of Animals Asia and Nowzad Dogs).

At 1,085 metres, Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales and the same height as Table Mountain in South Africa. Our challenge is graded as hill walking and suitable for anyone with a reasonable fitness level – this is not a race but a personal or team challenge while raising much needed funds for the animals you care about.

For more information or if you would like to take part in the Nowzad 2014 Mount Snowdon Challenge please email for a registration form.

We hope to see you there!

Animal Friends

Animal Friends

Founded in 1998, Animal Friends is an ethical pet insurance company that was established with the sole aim of providing insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities. The company’s ethos, aims and values have enabled them to become one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK (Datamonitor 2013).

What’s more, they have currently donated over £1.7 million to animal welfare charities all over the world, and this includes us! Nowzad have been fortunate to have a significant amount of funds donated by Animal Friends over the years. We have been privileged enough to receive funds from Animal Friends via their Employee of the Month scheme, Facebook charity competition and goodwill donations. In total Animal Friends has donated a fantastic £10,500 to Nowzad!

We are proud affiliates of Animal Friends, so by insuring your pet or equine with them via this link, Nowzad will receive commission! If you aren’t looking for insurance why not ‘like’ their Facebook page; they donate £1 to animal welfare charities for every ‘like’!

Insure Your Pet Today

Nowzad challenge

Susan is cycling 3507 miles for Nowzad Dogs

One of our fantastic supporters Susan has set herself a personal challenge of cycling 3507 miles (the distance from Afghanistan to London) in aid of Nowzad Dogs. This is a huge undertaking with Susan cycling over a 100 miles in a single weekend and battling all weather conditions! Please could we ask all our wonderful Nowzad family to support Susan by visiting her JG page below and to please sponsor her if you can.

Susan will also be taking part in the Prudential Ride London 100 on Sunday 10th August 2014 and any supporters in the London area that could be there to cheer Susan over the finish line would be fantastic!

All of us here at Nowzad Dogs would like to say a huge thank you to Susan for taking on this personal challenge in aid of the charity and for all her time and dedication to cycling 3507 miles to help the strays of Afghanistan.



The Pawtraits Exhibition

Over the last 20 months, media photographer Maria Slough has travelled approximately 2440 road miles, 360 nautical miles and 10,000 air miles to photograph well known faces and members of the public all with an animal of their choice. The photographs tell stories of love and companionship and each picture raises awareness for an animal related charity. The book of the entire collection is available to buy below, by clicking on the image, raising funds to support the charities in their ongoing work for the animals.

For each book purchased £5.00 will be donated towards your chosen charity which can be selected from the list when ordering.



Pawtrait Ex

Follow the Pawtraits Exhibition on Twitter button-twitter