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‘The Nowzad Rescue’ Article by Sharon Pflaumer

Thank you so much Sharon Pflaumer of ‘Dog News’ for writing this excellent article about the work of the Nowzad Dogs charity in Afghanistan – really appreciate your support.

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Nowzad Talk Thursday 8th May 2014‏

Please join the Friends of Hinchingbrooke Country Park for a talk on the work of Nowzad Dogs given by fantastic supporter and fundraiser, Rod Morison M.M. The talk will take place on Thursday 8th May 2014 at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, Brampton Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 6DB. For more details please see the poster above.

Nowzad prize draw. Rob Pen and Kirstie Shield BVNA

Reiki for Dogs Home Study Course Prize Draw

A really BIG thank you must go to Mr Rob Fellows of, who not only manned the Nowzad stand throughout the Crufts four days but also ran a prize draw which raised a brilliant £71 for Nowzad and he donated the fabulous Reiki for Dogs Home Study course as the prize!

The winner, Camilla Amos, was drawn from the hat by current BVNA President Kirstie Shield as the BVNA have nominated Nowzad Dogs as their charity of the year and she was visiting the stand!

But not to stop there, Rob is offering a £10 donation to Nowzad for anyone booking a course using the special link below.

Reiki is a simple to learn and easy to do natural healing therapy which dogs, and other animals love. Help to improve your bond with your pet at the same time as helping your pet cope with any stress issues and/or to reduce pain. Reiki complements all forms of prescribed veterinary treatments and can be used with any other therapies too.

Seriously not to be ignored. Please visit Rob’s website here.

Prize Draw Update

On Thursday 27th March 2014 International Reiki Master Rob Fellows completed the Reiki attunements for Camilla Amos from Nottingham England, the winner of the Reiki for Dogs Home Study Course which we offered at Crufts 2014 in March. Lucky winner Camilla is now able to give hands-on Reiki to her pets, herself and to other people. Her new skills, the gift of Reiki healing will remain with her for life.

Also … Rob recently completed the attunements for Jo from Cyprus and Fiona from Hong Kong, which means they too can do hands on Reiki on their dogs.

Jo from Cyprus and Fiona from Hong Kong recently purchased a Reiki for Dogs Home Study Course from Rob Fellows Reiki using the special offer link , which means that Nowzad receive a £10 donation for each of the two bookings. If you want to help the health and wellbeing of your dogs, or other pets, AND help raise funds for Nowzad then please visit Reiki/Nowzad to find out more and book your course.




Wylie Scruffts Winner

Wylie the mongrel goes from mean streets of Kandahar to Crufts and wins battle to be named top dog

He had been savagely beaten and left for dead when a convoy of British soldiers discovered him while on patrol in Kandahar.

Now Wylie has marked a miraculous transformation from battered stray on war torn streets to win a prestigious award at this year’s Crufts show.

Tonight he was crowned Best Crossbreed Rescue at the Scruffts show, which is part of the world’s biggest pedigree dog show.

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Wylie Rosette pic

Afghan stray Wylie goes to Crufts

A dog who endured horrific cruelty in Afghanistan and remarkably survived against the odds could become top dog at Crufts today.

Wylie the mongrel was rescued close to death on the streets of Kandahar in Afghanistan by British soldiers in 2011.

Fast forward to today, and he is one of six finalists in Scruffts, a part of the Crufts show at Birmingham NEC which aims to find champion crossbreed dogs.

Please click here for full article and video


JBad Appeal

It really is hard to describe my brief time spent with ‘JBad’. I guess you kind of had to be there.

The phone call came as we were leaving a coalition military base in Kabul, thankfully common sense has prevailed and a cat policy has been adopted within the confines of the fortified base. Nowzad Dogs staff come on to the base to neuter and spay the cat population and vaccinate for rabies. The cats have their own living area and feeding station, therefore completely preventing unwanted feline sightings in the mess hall. Those military personnel who draw comfort from having a cat around are safe in the knowledge that rabies is not lurking in the shadows which also appeases most of the higher command.

jbad 3

I knew immediately; as I listened to our head vet Dr Hadi give me the information, that I had a very unpleasant task ahead. But it was also something we could not avoid – not if we truly wanted to make a difference for the dog population of Kabul. A dog, both back legs apparently broken was crawling along the side of the most dangerous road in Kabul that separated a sprawling Afghan version of an industrial estate – the Jalalabad highway, as infamous for its nose to bumper traffic as it was the frequent Taliban suicide attacks on the many target rich bases and organisations that called the road home.

A former Royal Marine Commando of 20 years and I thought I had seen most things that other people should not have to witness. But the sight of a once proud adult male Kuchi crawling along the road heading nowhere with no hope completely broke me in two. Once upon a time he would have been the size of my Patchdog, an Afghan Kuchi rescued from Kandahar, that shares the house with myself and my girlfriend Hannah.

Jbad 2

But whilst this frightened dog had the build of Patchdog upfront, his rear legs had wasted away to skin and bones and dragged useless behind him. He had not eaten in days. It was a slow agonising crawl.

The locals wanted to take photos of the westerners rescuing a helpless dog; we posed for pictures to keep them onside. Now was not the time for somebody to demand money for the dog.

Along with Dan, a legend of a volunteer from Texas who has spent the past week helping out at the Nowzad shelter, we fashioned a muzzle from my scarf and prepared to lift the dog into the van.

We feared the worst; a dog in pain is extremely liable to lash out and bite anybody in range. We need not have worried. It gave into us picking it up immediately, the nerve endings to its legs had long since died and the fight to survive had already ebbed.

We had actually been destined for the airport so Dan could catch his flight home. Dan hesitated not and cradled the dog’s head as we made it as comfortable as possible for the drive to the Nowzad clinic via the airport.

It was a forgone conclusion that this was a one way trip for the broken Kuchi. ‘We can’t let him go without a name’ I said to Dan.

‘JBad’ was Dan’s immediate reply – the local name given to the Jalalabad road.

And so until we dropped Dan off at the airport, ‘JBad’ gained his first ever human friend in the world. Watching this crippled beast of a dog attempt to crawl closely to Dan was heart-wrenching. At times I had to look out of the side window at the masses of mini vans and trucks heading in every direction through the congested dirt roads of Kabul least I not buckle to the very emotional sight before me.

My planned jolly farewell to Dan did not materialise as we said a subdued goodbye as I took up position cradling ‘JBad’ in the back of our van, our driver Wahid not needing to be told to watch every bump and pothole as he hastily drove us to the Nowzad clinic.

As I looked at this helpless dog the frustration and stress of not being able to do anything for him pushed its way to the surface. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

‘Damn it JBad’ I said to him as if he could understand. ‘Thanks a lot’.

Our young staff of Afghan vets, were waiting for us as we pulled into the Nowzad compound. A tin of ‘real’ western brand dog food already opened and mashed into a bowl.

JBad tasted his first decent meal in the warmth of the clinic, surrounded by Afghans who truly cared for his wellbeing. In his broken English Wahid pointed at JBad and said ‘you fix?’

I just shook my head.

When he had finished eating I laid JBad down once more on the floor of the clinic and cradled his head. JBad knew what was coming. His big sad eyes closed for the last time. The two young Nowzad vets set to work in a calm and quiet manner.

I told JBad we were sorry but he would find comfort now. No more pain.

JBad fell asleep.

The respect shown in burying JBad was amazing. Nobody should dare generalise all Muslims as ‘dog haters’ as I watch our driver say a few quiet words to himself as we lowered JBad into his final resting place in our garden.

I could show people plenty of westerners who would not have been as caring to JBad as our staff were in those moments.

JBad is not the first Afghan dog our Nowzad clinic has had to humanely put to sleep due to untreatable injuries sustained on the streets of Kabul.  And I know he won’t be the last. But JBad, although he will never know it, is going to be the beginning of a campaign to ensure we have the funds in place to care for all the other JBad dogs out here in Kabul.

The Afghan staff who cared for JBad need salaries, (working for free to promote the cause of animal welfare is but a pipe dream when life here in Afghanistan is already so hard), the drugs used to make JBad comfortable need purchasing and importing, the very room that JBad had his last meal in comfort must be rented and heated – the list is endless.

So I ask you from the bottom of my heart if you have read this article and feel anything like I do then please donate even just a £1 or $1..  the fundraising page (separate for both US and UK) supporters are below, so for the next JBad Nowzad can be there and do the same.


This year why not do a ‘JBad’ challenge – do something / anything to raise money for our vital mission here in Kabul. Details will be coming soon when I have finalised them. But basically; 

jbad 4JBad

I have been challenged to promote animal welfare in Afghanistan and I accept that challenge!


A Nowzad Night to Remember

A Nowzad Night to Remember

Saturday 26th April 2014

6:00pm – Midnight 

Brook Street Community Centre, DY4 9DD

The Nowzad Family have organised a night of celebration to welcome Vivienne and Skenno (creators of the Nowzad Bears) to the UK from America. It will be a spectacular night with the opportunity to meet some lovely people and Pen Farthing, founder and chairman of Nowzad Dogs will also be there to give a talk on the work of the charity along with some very special Nowzad rescues!

There will be a hot and cold buffet to enjoy while rocking the night away to 60′s music performed by the fabulous Mock Rockers.  On the night there will also be an auction for a special Bear created by Vivienne and Skenno alongside a raffle with lots of lovely prizes.

Tickets are now on sale at £20.00 / Under 13′s £10.00

For tickets please contact 0779287228 or email

Entrance for the night is by ticket only so please book now to avoid disappointment.


The Sunday Telegraph

‘I can’t look after my son any more, but at least I can look after his dog’

Before he was killed in Afghanistan paratrooper Conrad Lewis adopted one of the country’s many stray dogs. Now his family have brought Peg back to the UK to live with them.

Please click here for full article 

Rob & Pen

Reiki Home Study Courses

Rob FellowsRob Fellows

Heal the animals you love and support Nowzad Dogs through Rob Fellows Reiki Home Study Courses. 

Reiki is a gentle and natural healing therapy that can help to lower stress and can help reduce pain too …. all at the same time. Anyone who has been trained and ‘attuned’ to Reiki is able to give Reiki sessions by gently placing your hands on  various parts of the animals body. Its really very simple and the Reiki will work as soon as the ‘attunement’ has been completed.

Reiki involves no pulling, pushing, prodding and no invasion of any kind. Reiki can do no harm and can be used to support all prescribed veterinary treatments and used together with other forms of complementary therapy.

Animals as well as people can respond well to Reiki and therefore you have the opportunity to help the animals you love too.

Your tutor is International Reiki Master Rob Fellows, who is based in England and provides his courses to animal lovers all over the world.  Rob first qualified in Reiki in 1999 to help his springer Spaniel Joe who was suffering with arthritis. Rob gave Joe regular Reiki sessions.

Since then Rob has developed a range of Animal Reiki Home Study Courses so that anyone who wants to help their pets, like him, can do so.

“ The Nowzad Dogs team are delighted to be associated with other liked minded individuals and groups sharing our passion to promote animal welfare. We are extremely pleased to have the support of Rob Fellows in our mission to make a difference in Afghanistan for the animals with no voice but ours. Enrolling on a Home Study course run by Rob will mean you too are helping to make that much needed difference. Thank you.” Pen Farthing, Founder of Nowzad Dogs 

For more information on Reiki Home Study Courses or to book your course today please click here.

Skydive 99

Combine the most exciting moment of your life with raising money for Nowzad Dogs!

15,000 ft Tandem Skydive for Nowzad Dogs.

Situated at Dunkeswell, near Honiton, Skydive UK Ltd are carrying on a proud tradition of sport parachuting at the airfield, which started in 1964. Affiliated to the British Parachute Association they are setting the standard for safety, ensuring that you can enjoy the most exhilarating, breathtaking, adrenalin pumping moment of your life with complete confidence.

A tandem is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the thrills of skydiving without having to learn how. The exhilarating freefall combined with the peace and tranquility of the parachute ride, makes tandem skydiving a unique and eye-opening way to raise funds for a cause you care about.

For more information please download the Nowzad Dogs Charity Skydive pack here or visit our special webpage here

Please jump for Nowzad and help to make a difference to the strays of Afghanistan, one animal at a time.



Nowzad Stand at Crufts 2014

Book your tickets now for Crufts 2014 taking place from Thursday 6th March – Sunday 9th March. The Nowzad stand will be located in Hall One, Stand 36. There will be lots of fantastic Nowzad items available to purchase, so if you are visiting Crufts please do come by and say hello! You may even catch a glimpse of Nowzad rescue Wylie as he strives to win Scruffts 2014!

For more information please visit


Naturally Happy Dogs

Naturally Happy Dogs is an online video dog magazine providing general interest articles in video format for subscribers. Naturally Happy Dogs focus on the positive and natural aspects of dog feeding, training, lifestyle and general care to enable people to make informed choices about their dog’s health and well-being.

Naturally Happy Dogs provides new video articles every month. Users can sign up to watch each issue plus the entire video back catalogue for just £4.95 per month.

Nowzad Dogs will receive a £1.00 donation for every new subscriber throughout December and January as we are their charity of the month! Nowzad founder Pen Farthing will also be a featured video in January 2014!

Please click here for more information about Naturally Happy Dogs. 

Daft Dog Christmas Trio

Daft Dog ‘Treat Bag Trio’

This Christmas Daft Dog will be donating £1.00 from the sale of every ‘Treat Bag Trio’ to six different charities of which Nowzad is one of them!

Please head over to Daft Dog to have a look at the lovely treats they have available and if purchasing a Treat Bag Trio please select ‘Nowzad’ from the drop down menu as your chosen charity for the £1.00 donation.

You can chose from a selection of Gluten Free treats & Meat Jerkies, tied with Christmas ribbon & a gift bag for £10.00.

Supporters Event

Nowzad Coffee Morning Saturday 30th November 2013

THE PRIORY. MONMOUTH, NP25 3NX, SOUTH WALES – 10:00am – 1:00pm. 

One of our fantastic Nowzad supporters is organising a Christmas coffee morning in aid of Nowzad Dogs on Saturday 30th November 2013.

There will be gorgeous Christmas gifts and crafts available to purchase along with Nowzad goodies and a tombola! There will also be an array of scrumptious cakes to tantalise your taste buds with every penny raised going directly towards Nowzad’s work in Afghanistan.

If you live nearby please do come along or why not combine it with a day out in the historic town of Monmouth!

Sara Abbott1

Sara Abbott Supporting Nowzad – Art Helps

We are very pleased to announce that artist Sara Abbott is supporting Nowzad Dogs!

For every unique 60 x 60 portrait ordered from now until March 2014, Sara will donate a £100.00 towards Nowzad’s work in Afghanistan. Portraits can be shipped around the world and you will also receive a certificate in your pets name thanking you for your donation.

Please don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to own a stunning portrait of your amazing fur or feathered friends whilst helping us continue to make a difference to the many animals in Afghanistan that so desperately need our help. To see examples of Sara’s work and her unique talent please visit -

All of us at Nowzad Dogs would like to thank Sara for her fantastic support and for helping to make a difference for so many.

Sara Abbott

Wetnose animal aid logo

Wetnose Animal Aid

All the team at Nowzad Dogs would like to say a HUGE thank you to Wetnose Animal Aid for their fantastic donation of £3,500 to Nowzad Dogs! Please do visit their website here for more details on this fantastic organisation and the work they do to provide worldwide animal support to charities across the globe.


Pen Farthing

Sky News – Soldiers Reunited With Their Front Line Pets

A former royal marine is helping serving soldiers to bring their “adopted” canine companions home from the front line when they return from Afghanistan.

Pen Farthing was on patrol in the town of Nowzad in 2006 while serving with the Royal Marine Commandos in Afghanistan when his patrol found themselves breaking up a dog fight.

He said one of the animals attached itself to the soldiers and became their constant companion, providing distraction from the pressures of the front line and helping them to de-stress.

Click here to read the rest of the story


Nowzad 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our Nowzad Dogs summer 2013 newsletter! Currently we are facing a crisis to raise vital funds to move our clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation as our lease has expired. You can read all about our clinic appeal inside our latest newsletter along with details on how you can help.

Peter Egan, actor and animal welfare campaigner, travelled out to Kabul with Wetnose Animal Aid to visit the Nowzad shelter and clinic and launched the ‘kick a ball not a puppy campaign’ to promote animal welfare and to raise awareness  of the dangers of rabies amongst the Afghan children. Although too late to make it into the newsletter you can watch the videos of Peter’s trip on the Nowzad Dogs YouTube channel.

Please remember to visit our Facebook page where you can find full details on all our current rescues that need your support along with information on events taking place to raise funds and awareness for Nowzad Dogs.

And this winter we would like to get Pen on the road talking about Nowzad Dogs as much as possible so if you might like for us to come along and give a talk locally where you live please get in touch with us by emailing

It’s a good day to make a difference in Afghanistan for our four legged buddies!