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Nowzad Stand at the Dogs Trust & RSPCA Fun Days

Nowzad Dogs will be having a stand at the following Dogs Trust and RSPCA Fun Days. There will be a lot to see at all four events including dog shows along with lots of charity and trade stalls. If you are attending any of the open days below please be sure to pass by the Nowzad stand and say hello!

Sunday 14th June 11am – 4pm. Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ

Sunday July 5th 11am – 4pm. Hatton Country World, Dark Lane, Hatton Nr Warwick, CV35 8XA

Sunday 28th June 12 – 4pm. The Copswood Sports and Social Club, Allard Way, Coventry, CV3 1JP

Sunday July 26th 11am – 4pm. Turnpost Farm,  East Road, Wymeswold, LE12 6SU

Supporters Event

Summer Walk for Nowzad

Join this years ‘Summer Walk for Nowzad’ event taking place in the beautiful setting of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex on Sunday 19th July. Have the chance to meet some of our wonderful Nowzad rescues whilst helping to raise vital funds for the charities work in Afghanistan.

For more information or to join the walk please see the poster below for full details.

Summer Walk for Nowzad


River Wye Swim 2015

The fantastic people at Monmouth School Sports Club are organising their second unique swim event taking place in the beautiful River Wye with all funds raised being donated to Nowzad Dogs!

Last year saw an amazing 70 participants take part in the 1k and 2k swim and this year the Monmouth School Sports Club hope to have even more! All adult swimmers are able to take part whether you are competitive, swimming for pleasure, looking for a sense of achievement or just want to try something different.

For more information or to sign up to take part in the 2015 River Wye Swim please download the registration form below.

River Wye Swim 2015

JBadChallenge patch 2.1

JBad Challenge 2015

Introduction: Finding JBad just added a further burning passion to the already stoked desire to JBadChallenge patch 2.1make a difference in Afghanistan for the animals with no voice but ours. If you are unfamiliar with JBad’s story please click here. The JBad Challenge 2015 is going to be YOUR way of raising funds to make a difference whilst challenging yourself and I hope having fun in the process! For everybody who raises the minimum £250 and completes their challenge you will be awarded the limited ‘JBadChallenge’ Patch.

You have to earn it!

So what do I have to do to get this challenge on? Think of a challenge you have always wanted to do (making sure it is legal and safe!) and then register your intent with us, create a JUSTGIVING fundraising page and make a difference!

Maybe you have always fancied climbing to the top of Mount Snowdon or cycling the length of the UK? Or it could be that you would like to lose a few pounds in preparation for that summer beach holiday? The possibilities are endless. All we ask is that it is a challenge to you personally.

Pen Farthing, Nowzad founder and former Royal Marine is kicking off the JBadChallenge by challenging himself to run from the Nowzad animal shelter on the outskirts of Kabul to the Nowzad small animal clinic in the middle of Kabul. A total distance of around 8 miles but not something you normally see a westerner undertaking! Check out his JustGiving page here

How much is registration? For just £20 (non-refundable) to register you will receive an exclusive JBad Challenge tee shirt and after the event, if successful, you will receive your JBadChallenge Patch and a certificate of achievement! If you send us a short ‘story’ about your challenge and a photo you will be published on our website!

Safety: Whilst we truly care about you sadly here at Nowzad Dogs we are unable to provide insurance for your crazy JBadChallenge. So if required please consider taking out your own personal accident insurance and liability cover if others may be involved. Please do NOT challenge JBadChallenge patchyourself to an impossible challenge that may result in serious injury or death! A challenge yes, BUT fun and enjoyable is the way forward!!

Media: Tell your local newspaper what you are doing and who it is for and most importantly WHY you want to do it! Please kick the heck out of social media and always use the #jbadchallenge and @nowzad GOOD LUCK!!

Challenge accepted!

All the best


To take part in the JBad Challenge and for a registration form please click here


Walk to Now Zad 2015

Each year we set the challenge of walking the distance from the UK to Now Zad, Afghanistan collectively! A whooping total of over 3,000 miles to raise vital funds and awareness for Nowzad Dogs. Thanks to all our supporters who kindly took part last year we raised a fantastic £1,938.00 for the animals at the Nowzad shelter.

Your can organise your own ‘Walk to Nowzad’ campaign anytime during the period 7th-15th March 2015 – a simple registration fee ensures you receive a ‘Walk to Nowzad’ tee shirt and all the details you require to organise a successful walk!

Everyone can get involved and take part and the distance you choose to walk can be totally up toWalk to Nowzad you. Whether you choose to take part with just family and friends or make a day of it and get the whole community involved, the choice is yours! Every penny raised, however big or small, helps us continue our vital work in Afghanistan.

The sponsored dog walk is open to everyone, including people without dogs, so if you have any friends or family who might like to take part please let them know about the event.

So why not get your walking shoes on, dog leads at the ready and help us make a difference for the strays of Afghanistan.

Please register your interest by sending an email to today!


SPS Pound for a Hound

In September 2014 the Scottish Prison Service Dog Handlers and their working dogs walked a fantastic 180 miles between them around HMP Glenochil! The SPS Pound for a Hound charity walk was organised with the aim of helping to raise the funds needed to reunite a soldier with their companion animal rescue.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU from all of us here at the charity to Jackie and all the SPS Dog Handlers for raising an incredible £4,812.00 for Nowzad and for organising the walk in aid of the charity!



Pages from Nowzad-Newsletter-2014-Web

Christmas Store & Nowzad Newsletter

Dear Nowzad Supporter;

Finally we can send out the Nowzad Dogs newsletter 2014. For all of us involved it has been a very busy year which has seen us expand our Afghan staff to cater for the growing demand for fully trained vets to deliver animal welfare on the streets of a country slowly turning the corner after holding a very long winded but successful Presidential election. Our staff have worked hard to treat every animal brought to the Nowzad clinic including companion animals like poor Whitey. We are immensely proud of what they have achieved in promoting animal welfare in Afghanistan.

One of our rescued dogs ‘Wylie’ won Scruffts earlier in the year, the world’s premier crossbreed competition and we are really chuffed to tell you he now has his own book for sale (signed copies) direct from our Nowzad store! Please note all orders placed now outside of the UK may not reach you in time for Christmas.

new nowzad tshirt


We do hope you enjoy reading the Nowzad Dogs newsletter which can be found below and remember our online shop is now up and running with new merchandise for Christmas!

Pages from Nowzad-Newsletter-2014-Web

Nowzad Newsletter 2014

All the best

The Nowzad Team!


Pen Farthing 2014 CNN Hero!

We have some HUGE news that we are so excited to share with you!


A rather shocked pen receives his 2014 CNN Hero award from the one and only Anderson Cooper. Thank you to all of you who tirelessly voted for Pen to win the 2014 CNN Hero award at a star studded event in New York City. We are all so proud and absolutely overwhelmed at the win!

Thank you!

And there is more good news – Subaru (sponsors of the CNN Hero programme) have pledged to match all donations up to a maximum of $5000 to all those who donate via the Amazon donation link until the 31st December 2014;

Pen says; “To be in the top ten was a huge honour. The other nine Heroes are amazing people and are changing lives for the better. But for me to actually be named as 2014 CNN Hero is just mind blowing – thank you, thank you to everyone who believes in what we are doing for the animals of Afghanistan with no voice but ours. This award allows us to sleep at night knowing that the future of Nowzad and all the animals with no voice but ours in Afghanistan will be secured for just that little bit longer. Thank you so much”.

You can watch CNN’s brilliant video of our work that they produced for Pen’s nomination and their announcement of Pen’s win;

Thank you everybody and please remember to donate via the Amazon link!

Maliha and Pen with Monty

The Afghan dogs on wheels

A message from Founder Pen Farthing; ‘This story demonstrates why I am so proud of the Nowzad team, especially those in Kabul at the Nowzad clinic, for everything they have achieved. Religion and culture are put to one side as we are united by our determination to make a difference for the welfare of animals.

And of course, I cannot forget our amazing supporters whose donations have made it all possible for us to be there for the dogs you will read about below. Thank you’.

Remember that under the marvellous CNN donation programme Subaru will match YOUR donation via this link to help us help the animals with no voice but ours in Afghanistan;

Over the years the Nowzad shelter and clinic has been in operation we have seen our fair share of dogs and cats that have ended up with permanent disabilities.

Our first case of this was actually a cat called Roadrunner, he had been hit by a car and when his owner brought him sadly there was little we could do to save his leg, however Roadrunner made a fast recovery and was soon every bit as fast as a cat with 4 legs.

Then we found two dogs, who for reasons unknown, only had three legs. Peggy, who now lives in Scotland and LJ. We sadly lost LJ on the operating table trying to finish the surgery on the already partially amputated leg that someone else had done incorrectly.

And then there is Raj the German Shepard who is now a resident of the USA and Penny dog the stray who was found with a very old break in her back leg which we will probably leave as she gets along just fine at the moment. And we could not forget Troy who again had a very old break in his back leg but being very active and happy we have decided to leave be.

Each year we see more and more animals with injuries that cannot be fixed with any treatment other than amputation, this year has been no exception and in a very short space of time we received several of them together.

First came Whitey, she had been run over by an armoured vehicle and both legs were broken.  We tried in vain to save both legs but it was not to be and we had to amputate her left rear leg and hope we could save the right rear leg for her to have a good quality of life. Many weeks’ of regular daily dressing changes followed, we were unable to pin or plate the leg as it was too badly damaged so we placed the leg in a cast in a stable position.

The leg did heal fairly well and although it will never look normal she is in fact able to use the leg pretty well to get around but as luck would have it the fabulous Jim from stepped up. Her personally made wheel chaired arrived thanks to Jim and Whitey now has spends hours in her chair tearing round the clinic.

Next came Monty who had a broken pelvis, he was found in the street by an Afghan man who called us out in the middle of the night to help him.  Monty recovered enough to be able to walk reasonably well but when he is tired he has a tendency to drag himself.  He was left with permanent nerve damage in his lower back/pelvic region which means he will never be able to walk normally without help so Jim at also provided him with a wheelchair for extra support.

Just as we thought we had done with the disabled dogs we were alerted to Mazar, a dog that had spent 3 years on the streets of Mazar e Sharif in Northern Afghanistan with both of his back legs broken.  Thankfully though the poor lad was able to scuttle around as fast as lighting using his front two legs in a sort of half nelson move!

Unbelievably he had found his way to a local vet lab there and the staff had done what they could to help him but with limited resources there was nothing more that they could do.  We arranged for Mazar to be transported to the Nowzad clinic in Kabul where Dr Mohammad from Mayhew International managed the incredibly complicated surgery that was needed to remove both legs.  Normally we would have considered euthanising a dog like Mazar who had lost the use of both back legs because of the very limited resources we have, but as Mazar he had survived 3 years on the streets we really wanted to do our best and make a good life for him.

The surgery to remove both of his back legs was a complete success and within a few days he was back to normal and getting himself around by lifting his body up onto his front legs and scuttling along.  Once again Jim at dogswheels stepped up and made him a wheelchair which he uses for several hours a day.

At around the same time Mazar came in we also got Anita.  Again she had been found lying paralyzed at the side of the road by an Afghan man.  He could she needed help and despite the fact she was in a lot of pain and was aggressive he picked her up and brought her into the clinic.  We immediately got to work finding out what was wrong and despite her wanting to eat us all in the initial few weeks she eventually started to trust us and slowly started to regain the use of her legs.  As time has progressed she has become somewhat of a character, she is wary of new people but adores the clinic staff and she is able to get around incredibly well.  She still has some weakness in her hind quarters but each day she gets more and more steady and she runs and plays with Whitey, Monty and Mazar albeit she sometimes falls over!

Whitey, Monty, Mazar and Anita keep the entire staff on their toes, they love playing and they adore people coming into the clinic to see them and will very quickly make it known that they are special and therefore all that meet them must love them!  They have all overcome massive injuries that at one time would have resulted in them being euthanised but with time, effort and love they all now have the chance to live full and happy lives.


Order your signed hardback copy of Pen Farthing’s new book ‘Wylie’

Order now your signed hardback copy of Pen Farthing’s new book ‘Wylie’ the brave street dog who never gave up! Ordering direct from the charity online store will ensure the charity receives a greater percentage of the sale towards our work in Afghanistan.

£14.99 + P&P for the signed hardback version of ‘Wylie’. (Paperback not available until June 2015).

Order from the Nowzad Online Store →

For a dog born into the harsh reality of life on the streets of Afghanistan to one day being crowned top crossbreed dog during the Kennel Club’s Crufts, the largest dog show on earth, is nothing short of a miracle. But for Wylie, the gentle cropped eared ball of fur, miracles seemed to happen quite regularly.

Beaten and abused, Wylie suffered terrible injuries that needed urgent treatment. Rescued close to death, with hacked off ears and a severed tail he was attended to by soldiers who feared he would not last the night. Astonishingly he did, only to return days later with new injuries.

But a lifeline came when he was rescued by animal welfare charity Nowzad Dogs and flown to Britain in preparation for a new life in Australia with the soldier that had first taken care of his injuries.

But failing the strict Australian import regulation tests left Wylie stranded in the UK and the charity asking the question; ‘who would take a chance with an undomesticated stray?’ Luckily for Wylie his biggest adventure yet was about to be begin…

This is the incredible and heart-warming story of a dog who never gave up on people.