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Brilliant donation from 353

It was great to be invited to the Rugby4Heroes event recently hosted by a fabulous group of folks raising money for military charities.

We were privileged to be the guests of Tony and Sandi Lewis, founders of 353, a charity that was formed to ‘get busy living’ raising funds for military charities in memory of their son Private Conrad Lewis of the British Parachute Regiment who was killed in action in Helmand Province in 2011.

Nowzad and the Lewis family are connected by so much more than our combined passion to make a difference for good in the world from appalling circumstances. Conrad was looking after a stray Afghan dog that he had named Peg whilst on the frontlines in Afghanistan and just days after his tragic death we were called into action by Tony to rescue Peg from the harsh environment of Helmand to travel to a now guaranteed forever homeTony Dr Hadi, Maliha and Mariam with the Lewis family. It was touch and go at times but after being smuggled onto a military helo to Kabul and a short stay at the Nowzad shelter (alongside our very own Wylie) Peg made it to the safety of Warwick and the Lewis family home.

Tony has even travelled to Kabul as part of a wider BBC trip to visit the country his son paid the ultimate price to serve in. Warning; you will need a tissue and whilst there, Tony took the opportunity to visit the Nowzad Conrad Lewis small animal clinic that we named after his son due the compassion Conrad had shown whilst serving his country in taking the time to befriend and look after, little peg.

We were thrilled to receive a cheque for £10,000 raised by the amazing volunteers at 353 to help us continue our work in reuniting soldiers with the companion animals that have befriended them on the front lines in war zones whilst also promoting animal welfare through our Afghan led Conrad Lewis Small Animal Clinic.

We cannot say thank you enough to all at 353 – thank you so much. Your support is truly appreciated.

Working donkey

Fabulous ‘Animal Aid Abroad’ support

We are never more inspired then when we see the hard work our supporters do to make a difference for animals in a country thousands of miles away from them, animals they will most likely never meet.

And the crew at Animals Aid Abroad in Australia have done us proud. All of us here at Nowzad are so grateful for the huge amount of support they have given us.

In Afghanistan the working donkey is vital to carry supplies (water, food and building supplies) to the many outlying villages, including most of Kabul’s surrounding urban areas. The donkeys are overworked and many years of conflict have left a limited knowledge base of animal welfare regarding the needs of donkeys. Animal Aid Abroad has teamed up with us here at Nowzad to run a 6-month program of ‘pop-up’ roadside workshops, using qualified vets and farriers to provide vaccinations and hoof repairs, and educate Afghan Muleteers about the importance of basic health checks, feeding, husbandry and care of their animal.

Donkey KUCHINowzad will also provide animal handling training for veterinarian students at Kabul University. Australian Ethical has provided an AUS$20,000 grant to Animal Aid Abroad to allow our new project in Afghanistan to hit the ground

AAA-LOGO NEW - jpeg (3)This is an amazing level of support and we want to thank Janet and the team for their determination and compassion to make a difference in Afghanistan. Thank you

Kabul, Afghanistan

Newsletter 2015

The Nowzad 2015 Newsletter is available to download here (2015 Nowzad Newsletter UK) as a PDF. Find out all about our latest achievements in Afghanistan which have all been made possible with your fabulous support! Dog 01

If you can help to promote the work of Nowzad in Afghanistan by handing out hard copies of the newsletter (maybe at your local vets or library?) then please email the office with your name and address and how many copies of the newsletter you require. Thank you!


A charity update from Pen

Thanks to the amazing dedication and generosity of our Nowzad family of supporters we have achieved so much in Afghanistan over the last 12 months. It truly has been a remarkable year as we have pushed forward with rescuing companion animals for soldiers and contractors, (over 800 at the last count!!) promoting practical animal welfare education to trainee Afghan vets and expanding our rabies vaccination programmes.

And because of all that we have had to make a change to who we are! The charity was named after the dogs that I and the lads of Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines first rescued from the war torn town of Nowzad deep in Helmand Province. And at first, our name Nowzad Dogs and our logo really reflected what we were about. In fact, it was a Royal Marine called Daz, who first designed the logo of the dog sat against the backdrop of a setting sun from a tent in Camp Bastion during a break from patrols.

Rescuing stray dogs that had been adopted by soldiers serving on the front lines in Afghanistan, since we started in 2007, has meant over 800 companion animals, dogs and cats, have been successfully reunited with their compassionate and heroic soldiers to countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Holland, Germany, Australia and Italy. But that was our dilemma. It wasn’t just dogs anymore.

Now with our animal clinic in Kabul and your marvellous support we have helped treat and rescue where required; dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, rabbits, doves, buzzards, tortoises and chickens (to name just a few!). So it was time for us to change our name to simply; NOWZAD and adopt a new logo that accurately describes the work we do for all animals with no voice but ours.

Officially in August Nowzad Dogs in the UK became the Nowzad charity. We will start the process to change our name in the USA at the beginning of 2016, (the UK application process was enough for one year..).

Together we have demonstrated what can be achieved with hard work, a dedicated team and bloody brilliant supporters in a country stricken by war and poverty.

Don’t think that because western troops are leaving Afghanistan as their combat mission draws to a close that Nowzad will leave too. Far from it. Our mission is far from over and we have so much still to achieve.

Taking a breather now would be too easy. If we want to continue to make a difference and have a more positive impact on even more animals lives then we pick up the pace. And I know you are going to do what you can to make that difference for an animal in Afghanistan.

Thank you for your continued support – all of us here at Nowzad appreciate it.

Yours in animal rescue;

Pen F


Nowzad Poppy Badge

In the theatre of war there are many forgotten victims – least of all the animals

From the valiant horses and mules who carried medical supplies, food, water and ammunition in the trenches, to the intrepid messenger pigeons and the gas detecting canaries. Animals have always been a courageous and esteemed comrade to man in times of war.

Operating in Afghanistan, the Nowzad charity knows only too well how human conflict can cause so much pain to a creature whose only fault is to be born in the wrong place. It is a grueling life for an animal in a war zone and often the struggle to merely survive is lost.

We will honour them all. 

Through remembering the fallen we can make a difference to the future. We will change the course of animal welfare in war zones that desperately need Nowzad’s help and support, providing education in the local communities and vital medical assistance. By reuniting those animals that have given our soldiers much needed companionship during the horrors of a tour of duty. Cats and dogs like Nowzad, the original stray dog that adopted charity Founder ‘Sergeant Pen Farthing’ whilst he was serving in Afghanistan in 2006 and the hundreds of other animals we have helped ever since.Pup Pic

We are pleased to announce that the Nowzad charity has launched the ‘Nowzad Poppy’ which we hope will be worn alongside your British Legion Poppy, to remember the animals of war that had no choice.

This year we have issued a special edition enamel Nowzad Poppy badge, copper in colour, this unique 3 leafed poppy with a white dog paw at its centre as a fitting tribute to the forgotten animals of war.

Available to purchase HERE direct from the Nowzad online store

*Each year the Nowzad Poppy will be on sale from October until Remembrance Day (11th November).


A note from Nowzad

The Nowzad Dogs charity commends the Dogs Trust for highlighting the lapse checks that could potentially allow an unvaccinated companion animal into the UK;

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our supporters that Nowzad Dogs follows the strictest DEFRA guidelines and procedures for our rescued companion and adopted animals that enter the UK. All our animals are blooded tested by the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency prior to arrival in the UK and quarantined as required.

All of us here at Nowzad Dogs are 100% aware of the dangers of unvaccinated animals and the potential for the spread of disease which is why all animals entering the Nowzad clinic in Kabul are vaccinated immediately against rabies, parvo, distemper, flea and tick treated and dewormed.

We are passionate about improving the welfare of animals through education and training in Afghanistan and that means we practice what we preach. Our veterinary team in Kabul is trained to the highest level by western volunteer vets who continually monitor and assess our practicable application of disease control.

Your donations continue to make a positive difference for the animal of Afghanistan with no voice but ours and we thank you all for the amazing support you give the Nowzad Dogs charity.




Nowzad Stand at the Dogs Trust & RSPCA Fun Days

Nowzad Dogs will be having a stand at the following Dogs Trust and RSPCA Fun Days. There will be a lot to see at all four events including dog shows along with lots of charity and trade stalls. If you are attending any of the open days below please be sure to pass by the Nowzad stand and say hello!

Sunday 14th June 11am – 4pm. Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ

Sunday July 5th 11am – 4pm. Hatton Country World, Dark Lane, Hatton Nr Warwick, CV35 8XA

Sunday 28th June 12 – 4pm. The Copswood Sports and Social Club, Allard Way, Coventry, CV3 1JP

Sunday July 26th 11am – 4pm. Turnpost Farm,  East Road, Wymeswold, LE12 6SU

Supporters Event

Summer Walk for Nowzad

Join this years ‘Summer Walk for Nowzad’ event taking place in the beautiful setting of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex on Sunday 19th July. Have the chance to meet some of our wonderful Nowzad rescues whilst helping to raise vital funds for the charities work in Afghanistan.

For more information or to join the walk please see the poster below for full details.

Summer Walk for Nowzad


River Wye Swim 2015

The fantastic people at Monmouth School Sports Club are organising their second unique swim event taking place in the beautiful River Wye with all funds raised being donated to Nowzad Dogs!

Last year saw an amazing 70 participants take part in the 1k and 2k swim and this year the Monmouth School Sports Club hope to have even more! All adult swimmers are able to take part whether you are competitive, swimming for pleasure, looking for a sense of achievement or just want to try something different.

For more information or to sign up to take part in the 2015 River Wye Swim please download the registration form below.

River Wye Swim 2015

JBadChallenge patch 2.1

JBad Challenge 2015

Introduction: Finding JBad just added a further burning passion to the already stoked desire to JBadChallenge patch 2.1make a difference in Afghanistan for the animals with no voice but ours. If you are unfamiliar with JBad’s story please click here. The JBad Challenge 2015 is going to be YOUR way of raising funds to make a difference whilst challenging yourself and I hope having fun in the process! For everybody who raises the minimum £250 and completes their challenge you will be awarded the limited ‘JBadChallenge’ Patch.

You have to earn it!

So what do I have to do to get this challenge on? Think of a challenge you have always wanted to do (making sure it is legal and safe!) and then register your intent with us, create a JUSTGIVING fundraising page and make a difference!

Maybe you have always fancied climbing to the top of Mount Snowdon or cycling the length of the UK? Or it could be that you would like to lose a few pounds in preparation for that summer beach holiday? The possibilities are endless. All we ask is that it is a challenge to you personally.

Pen Farthing, Nowzad founder and former Royal Marine is kicking off the JBadChallenge by challenging himself to run from the Nowzad animal shelter on the outskirts of Kabul to the Nowzad small animal clinic in the middle of Kabul. A total distance of around 8 miles but not something you normally see a westerner undertaking! Check out his JustGiving page here

How much is registration? For just £20 (non-refundable) to register you will receive an exclusive JBad Challenge tee shirt and after the event, if successful, you will receive your JBadChallenge Patch and a certificate of achievement! If you send us a short ‘story’ about your challenge and a photo you will be published on our website!

Safety: Whilst we truly care about you sadly here at Nowzad Dogs we are unable to provide insurance for your crazy JBadChallenge. So if required please consider taking out your own personal accident insurance and liability cover if others may be involved. Please do NOT challenge JBadChallenge patchyourself to an impossible challenge that may result in serious injury or death! A challenge yes, BUT fun and enjoyable is the way forward!!

Media: Tell your local newspaper what you are doing and who it is for and most importantly WHY you want to do it! Please kick the heck out of social media and always use the #jbadchallenge and @nowzad GOOD LUCK!!

Challenge accepted!

All the best


To take part in the JBad Challenge and for a registration form please click here