T-shirt 'The fight continues'. Borodyanka. Kramatorsk. Nowzad

The fight continues... on the frontlines of animal suffering.

This inscription is not just a slogan, it is a lifeline. Every purchase of this t-shirt helps Nowzad build shelters in Kramatorsk, a mere whisper away from the bombs, and brings vital aid to Borodyanka, a town ravaged by war and indifference.

Imagine: hundreds of innocent animals, locked away, abandoned, left to starve in the ruins of a war they do not understand. This was the horrifying reality in Borodyanka. Now, thanks to Nowzad's tireless efforts, the survivors have a chance.

But the fight is not over. Countless creatures are still out there, homeless, hungry, and scared. With every purchase, you help Nowzad build a shield against suffering. You are their voice, their protector, their beacon of hope.

Will you stand with them?

By wearing this shirt, you become part of the fight. You show the world that innocent lives, no matter how small, deserve our compassion.

100% cotton, one colour, machine washable.


  • S (Chest: 34/36)
  • M (Chest: 38/40)
  • L (Chest: 42/44)
  • XL (Chest: 46/48)
  • XXL (Chest 50/52)
  • XXXL (Chest 54/56)
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