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Adopting A Nowzad Rescue



Raven Raven Raven

Raven's story:

Raven and her siblings were born in front of a Canadian compound in Kabul.  People would try to hurt them, so the kind people brought them into the compound. They could not keep all of them, six in total. Raven and her sister, Rae were sent to Nowzad to be looked after.

I was watching a program that highlighted Nowzad and went on their website for more information. I saw and fell instantly in love with Raven.

Adopting a dog from any kennel/rescue situation is going to be a lesson in Love. For 5 ½ years she lived safely at Nowzad in Afghanistan and then came to live in Michigan, USA. We bonded immediately and there has been a lot of learning for both of us. She has blossomed in her forever home and brought joy, gratitude and snuggles to my life. Currently Rae is still looking for her forever home. 

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