Back in the August of 2010 young Dexter as he became to be called was found out in the desert of southern Afghanistan no more than around 4 weeks of age.  The Royal Marines who found him immediately took him in and he was transported from place to place on a quad bike tucked away safely in the pouches of their uniforms.  Eventually Dexter was left in the care of a British Medic so that arrangements could be made to transport him from a very dangerous area of Afghan to the safety of the Nowzad Rescue Centre.

After some weeks of planning Dexter finally arrived at the centre and was given a clean bill of health before he joined the other puppies in our clinic.

Dexter showed real character from day one and despite being such a small dog he certainly made up for it with his massive attitude, he was a huge hit with our Afghan team and kept them on their toes.

But due to Dexter still being so young when he reached us (dogs cannot fly until they are at least four months old and vaccinated) Dexter was forced to stay with us for several months.

We believe Dexter may well now be called Obi after he successfully passed out of quarantine to live with one of the soldiers and his family who first found him. 

Dexter Dexter

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