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Donkeys & Horses


Improving welfare

Working donkeys and horses are the life blood of the local communities in Afghanistan and Kabul is by no means an exception.

Where old meets new in the city; many families will have access to motor transportation (so much so that Kabul was recently compared to Delhi as the most polluted city on earth) whilst many more, particularly those who inhabit the surrounding mountains, do not.

The working donkey or horse is vital to carry supplies (water, food and building materials) to the steep hillside communities; which make up most of Kabul’s surrounding urban areas nestled precariously on the side of the unforgiving mountain terrain.

These poor animals more often than not, are over-worked and under-cared for.
Through no fault of their own, their owners have been left with a limited knowledge on the fundamental needs of their donkeys to ease working conditions and improve their welfare.

How we help them:

Nowzad has opened the FIRST EVER donkey/horse sanctuary in Afghanistan, a refuge for former working donkeys and horses who have been discarded like rubbish onto the streets when they are no longer able to carry the heavy loads demanded of them by their owners.

We promote healthy Afghan donkey ownership through an effective campaign targeting donkey and horse owners and muleteers about the importance of basic health checks for their donkey along with feeding requirements and required vaccinations.

Importantly, we even employ a farrier to relieve donkeys of painful and uncomfortable hooves, a small gesture that makes a big difference to the donkey's quality of life and where required hospitalise donkeys and horses as needed to allow them to recovery from injury and illness.


All donkeys that we come across are recorded so that we can follow their progress.

Our veterinarians are experienced in tending to any donkey or horse that is sick or injured and we often offer ‘roadside assistance’ or outpatient treatment to animals in distress. 

Now at the Nowzad donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan we have seven rescue donkeys; Rosie and her daughter; Kushi, Jalala, Demazang, Shahzada, Lola, Maqbula and Azad, our first rescued horse. But we are assuming that we will soon increase that number in the years to come.

And we cannot forget; David the rescued bull and Jaja the goat.

Be the difference today!

Please help us to continue making a difference for the donkeys of Afghanistan by donating directly to support our mission by clicking here.

You can watch Pen take on the 'Walk a mile in a donkey's shoes' challenge here

We cannot carry the loads for them but we are going to do what we can to make their lives somewhat easier. Be the difference today please!