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Our new 'Afghan Princess'

Left to die on the side of the dirt track, a donkey that has only known hard labour her entire life is discarded like a piece of trash.

An injured donkey was found abandoned by her callous former owner on the side of the road where she had collapsed, most likely to her old age as her front legs could no longer cope with the tremendous loads she had continually been forced to carry. Sadly; it would not have been a peaceful ending; a hungry stray dog pack lurked nearby with clear intentions of eating well that night.

But by a miracle of being in the right place at the right time Shahzada won the Afghan donkey lottery. Our team did not know the extent of Shahzada’s injuries but they knew there was no way they could just walk on by. A truck was rented and after a herculean effort Shahzada was transported to the Nowzad clinic and safety.  The Nowzad vets set straight to work administering pain killers and antibiotics to treat the horrible open sores and wounds that covered her body and naming her Shahzada; (Afghan Dari for Princess).

So now here at the Nowzad shelter; we have a new resident, one who arrived in the worst shape we have seen so far and by her determination to bite or kick all of us, has yet to understand how lucky she was to be found by the Nowzad vet team!

(Although I think we can probably understand that after the horrendous life she has endured as an Afghan working donkey).

Four weeks of care and treatment later and Shahzada can stand successfully on her own, the open wounds she had on her front legs are healing well and the team are slowly gaining her trust… but she still has a mean kick for an old girl……

Text DONK37 £5 to 70070 to donate to Nowzad and make a difference today.

Without doubt we now need to expand our stable; The Nowzad donkey stables in Kabul, Afghanistan which is already home to Samson, Rosie, Khushi and Jalala; (Jalala, if you remember from the last newsletter was found injured in a mountain market and brought to the Nowzad clinic for treatment. Today she is recovering extremely well thanks to the care of our Afghan team and the fabulous donations we have received from our supporters). All four wait patiently for Juma to arrive each morning to lead them out to graze on the mountain side overlooking our Nowzad dog shelter.

We would like to purchase a secure paddock near to the clinic but further funding is desperately required before we can pursue that option.

So today we are launching the Nowzad Donkey appeal to build a fighting fund to secure the long term future of our ever expanding donkey stable by purchasing (or renting) a secure paddock close the vicinity of the Nowzad clinic and ensuring we have funds to meet the daily treatment and care our donkeys need whilst also supporting the working donkeys of Kabul with ‘roadside’ on the spot welfare and treatment so we can try and prevent other donkeys being abandoned so callously on the side of the road.

Donkeys in Afghanistan have no choice but to endure hard labour for their whole lives. For the remote villages in Afghanistan donkeys are the life blood; they carry vital supplies to places cars just cannot travel to.

Join Nowzad today as we strive to make a lasting difference for an Afghan street donkey.

Our target is £100,000 – donate today *by sending a cheque made payable to;

Nowzad, c/o The Shahzada appeal, The Meriel Suite, Hartnoll Farm Business Park, Post Hill, Tiverton, EX164NG

Together we ARE making a difference to animal welfare. Thank you.

*All donations over £50 will receive a signed limited addition 6x4 photograph of Shahzada signed by the Afghan team. Please ensure you include your postal address. Photographs will be posted out in August/September.

Our new 'Afghan Princess'

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