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Mesage from Pen February 2021

Well 2020 is finally in the rear view mirror and for many of us, the promised salvation of 2021 sadly never brought the relief from the pandemic that we had all hoped for.
Most will still be reading this in some form of lockdown…. Here in Kabul is it no different. As I write this the UK has just banned flights from the UAE… Afghanistan is being cut off from the outside world once more. With little in the way of COVID testing and definitely no vaccine delivery on the horizon we have had little choice but to mask up and crack on. Or as I was constantly reminded during my time as a Royal Marine Commando… ‘hurry up and wait!’

Having travelled to Kabul last March I soon found myself stranded in Kabul with no way home. For what has been nearly 12 months now I have been privileged to watch from the front lines as your fabulous Afghan team at the Nowzad clinic and shelter continue tirelessly to be there for the animals in their care.
Ready to treat all those animals who fall victim to injury on the dangerous roads of Kabul or succumb to disease and illness.
Even through bouts of coronavirus – (thankfully those staff affected recovered to full fitness after enduring quite severe symptoms) the team has operated at full capacity.
I have never been prouder of them all.
And it is due to our amazingly generous supporters like you, who have continued to donate during these unprecedented times, that the Nowzad clinic has been a beacon for suffering animals around Kabul.
I truly cannot thank you enough. You have been there when it mattered.
Thank you.
So looking to the future and a day when the world can function once more – here at Nowzad we continue to expand our animal welfare work.
Starting this month, we take to the streets of Kabul to provide veterinary services for all the overworked and under cared for donkeys and horses in Kabul. You can read more of the scope of this project later in this newsletter.
And we are so proud to introduce you to Dr Zahra, our former Nowzad intern who proved herself so capable we just had to offer her a role on the Nowzad team full time – find out who she is next.
You just know I am going to ask you for a favour……of course I must ask that if you can donate then please do! It could very well save the life of an animal in need.
Every single £ or $ you can generously donate absolutely makes a difference for an animal in our care now or gives us scope to plan for the ones we have yet to discover in desperate need.
But if you are unable to donate then I need a moment of your time please, with face to face fundraising still denied by the pandemic then can you recruit one more supporter to the cause of promoting Nowzad and the vital animal welfare work that is needed here in Afghanistan?
By forwarding this link to another likeminded person once you have read it, you will be helping us to be here for every animal in need as we do not have the funds to pay for advertising. You, the super caring Nowzad family are our biggest and most honest advert!

The office is currently closed due to the UK lockdown; (but we are still processing all donations and correspondence sent to us so please do not stop!) and with Hannah’s departure from the charity for new ventures we are using the opportunity to restructure the UK & US charity from the top down! Watch for exciting announcements in the coming months!
So until then we truly have no choice but to limit our contact with others, wear a mask and just be as safe as we can. The Nowzad team wish you the best of health in the coming months.

Take care – be safe

Pen F

Mesage from Pen February 2021 Mesage from Pen February 2021 Mesage from Pen February 2021

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