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Polar Bear Plunge

So jumping into a swimming pool recently cleared of ice is probably not everyone’s idea of a fun way to spend New Year’s day morning, but that is what Nowzad founder Pen Farthing did whilst at the shelter in Kabul to raise money for Nowzad!!

The Polar Bear Plunge is the brain child of long-time friend of the charity David, a Canadian who works in Kabul but always travels home to dig a hole in the ice at the lake in his home town and raises thousands of Canadian dollars for good causes by inviting the local community to jump in on New Year’s Day! An extremely well attended event of surprisingly sane people wishing to throw themselves in the ice cold water ensures it is always a successful event.

However; with COVID travel restrictions Dave was forced to spend the festive season in Afghanistan and happily invited Pen over to share the ice plunge with him at the swimming pool within his compound.

Early morning saw frenzied activity around the pool as the inch thick ice was broken up and removed to ensure a safe entry into the not very warm water..

A quick dram was shared before the brave souls who had agreed to accompany Dave for a plunge climbed the rim of the pool and without doubt had many second thoughts as to why they were stood in swim shorts and nothing else, seconds away from jumping into water that only minutes before had been covered in a thick layer of ice!
The command was given and they jumped. Probably best if Pen gives you his version of events; ‘OMG it was cold. Having trained in Norway with the Royal Marines in the event we fell through the ice whilst skiing I thought I knew what to expect… but there are still certain parts of me that have not yet fully recovered…. YES it was that cold!!’

Pen’s jump for Nowzad raised over £1206 and all of us here at Nowzad are truly grateful for the amazing kindness of those who supported Pen. There is still time to donate via this link  you never know...... you may inspire Pen to jump again!

With the UK and many other parts of the world in lockdown the Nowzad charity has struggled to fund our vitally important program during 2020 – we truly don’t see face to face fundraising being an option anytime soon either during 2021. Could you use your imagination and cunning to create a fundraiser of your own at home for Nowzad? A marathon around your garden – tackling your stairs until you have climbed the height of Mount Everest – sitting in your bath for 24 hours reading Shakespeare? Your fundraising is only limited by imagination! Whatever you can do please create a page and let us know by tagging us in social media or emailing us here Please be the difference today for those with no voice but yours at the Nowzad clinic. Thank you

Polar Bear Plunge Polar Bear Plunge Polar Bear Plunge

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