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*Please note that some may find the details of this rescue distressing*

This gentle giant came into our care when Nazeer; our donkey sanctuary hand, called the clinic concerned that he’d seen a big, old dog on the street near the sanctuary with a large growth on his neck.

Our Veterinary team rushed out to find the dog – although he was large, he was extremely friendly and came with us back to the clinic without any fuss.

On first inspection we noticed that not only did the poor dog have a large tumour, his throat was also badly cut – we thought that it may be the typical scenario that we see all too well in Kabul, a rope that had been previously tied around the dogs neck that had slowly become embedded… however, this was a lot more serious.

On the operating table we discovered that the dogs throat had been brutally slashed, and it had been a near miss – the cut was less than half a centimetre away from the dog’s jugular vein.
Our skilled Veterinary team were able to successfully remove the tumour and seal the neck wound.

How long this old boy was left to suffer on the street, we can only guess, why someone would be so cruel to such a harmless and gentle soul, we will never know – all we do know is that he is now safe and loved at Nowzad, and we will do our very best to ensure his old life of struggling to survive and suffering is now in the distant past. He has now found peace and a forever home at Nowzad.
Naming him was easy! We decided on ‘Yogi’ because he looks like a big, friendly bear.

We do need the Nowzad Family to kindly help us support him though please so to donate to our handsome and resilient boy, please click here:

Any additional funds raised will go towards our local Education Program that promotes kindness to animals.

Thank you.

Yogi Yogi Yogi

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