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Animal Heroes Afghanistan

We are so proud to update you with our new initiative to spread kindness to animals throughout Afghanistan!
We now have an ‘Animal Heroes Afghanistan’ scheme where we identify Afghans who go above and beyond to help animals in distress.
Two remarkable young men have already received the accolade and here’s why:

First photo is Ahmad, who found a dog in extreme pain by the side of the road late at night after being hit by a car.
He contacted Nowzad immediately as he was distressed to see the dog in such a way.
Our Veterinary team raced over as soon as we could, getting to the area at midnight.
Ahmad stayed the whole time to comfort the dog.
Sadly, the dog never made it as his injuries were too severe.
When we thanked Ahmad, he simply said “it is humanity”
But thanks to Ahmad, the dog left this earth peacefully and painlessly, knowing kindness and comfort.

The second photo is Bahman, a long term friend of Nowzad who originally found Mac and thanks to him Mac is now living the good life in the UK!
Bahman has alerted us to at least four dogs in distress now and upon us picking up and treating the last dog he sent us this:
“Wow... This is so good. It is so heartwarming to think the dog have shelter, food and good care tonight.
Thank you so much and it is always good to be a part of something that brings peace and kindness towards these animals.🙂”

We have issued these young men certificates of commendation for their dedicated efforts in improving the lives of animals in Afghanistan. Locals like this are changing Afghanistan for the better and it is our hope that this is just the start of a more compassionate Afghanistan for all.

Animal Heroes Afghanistan Animal Heroes Afghanistan

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