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Day of the Jackals

Day of the Jackals!

Being the only clinic and shelter of it’s kind in the whole of Afghanistan, no two days at Nowzad are ever the same!...
​So when we were called and asked to humanely remove some jackals from a military base, the Nowzad team jumped at the chance to get involved!
Jackals are wily creatures by nature and as we expected they were not easy to catch!
The family that we found hid under the big shipping containers on the site.
Not wanting to stress them out too much, Dr Reshad expertly crawled under the container to gently push them out of the other side where Basir and Mirwais were waiting with nets.

We managed to catch all seven jackals on site this way and took them back to the Nowzad clinic where they were vaccinated against rabies.

The next day, we released the jackals in a remote and safe area where they could run free in the mountains away from any human interference.

Day of the Jackals Day of the Jackals

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