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Meet Nowzad’s newest Veterinarians – Dr Hamida and Dr Farzad!

Meet Nowzad’s newest Veterinarians – Dr Hamida and Dr Farzad!

Dr Hamida and Dr Farzad came to the Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic as part of our first ever Internship programme, a scheme very kindly sponsored by the 353 organisation.
We were so impressed with their dedication and commitment, we decided to keep these young and dynamic veterinarians on a permanent basis!

Here, they tell us why they love working at the Nowzad clinic and why it is so important to them to improve the lives of animals in Afghanistan; 

Dr Hamida – Assistant Veterinarian at Nowzad
After I graduated from university I searched for a job.
At first I was so happy that I’m a veterinarian and I can serve to animals but after a lot searching I became so hopeless cause there wasn’t any clinic to serve animals.
At Kabul there was many poultry sectors and their aim was just business.

I went to some small animal clinics in Afghanistan, but the clinics were all in a bad situation in the view of hygiene, animal welfare, treatment and etc.

Many people in Afghanistan think that being a veterinarian means treatment of farm animals, breeding, business, and the slaughter of animals.

When I see all of this, I hated being a veterinarian. I wanted to start another faculty, but I was so hopeless and unhappy that I wasted five years of my life and veterinary skills in business.

This all changed when I found a chance to come to Nowzad and I was a lucky girl to find this chance, because at Nowzad I achieve what I had always wished.
I wished to serve animals which suffer, animals who are abused by humans, animals which are hopeless and homeless, thirsty and hungry animals, and I am doing it all at Nowzad.

Nowzad is a small society with big humanity aims.
Now I’m very happy that I work at Nowzad and proud of being a veterinarian.

Dr Farzad – Assistant Veterinarian at Nowzad

One of the greatest benefits of working at Nowzad is that I have the chance to promote the health and welfare of animals in Afghanistan.
Through Nowzad I am able to relieve the suffering of animals that have experienced traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses.
Even routine spay and neuter surgeries help the animals in our community by reducing pet overpopulation which results to reduce rabies incidence and other zoonosis diseases.
In this case, Nowzad is the only NGO in Afghanistan that really cares for animal and animal welfare to help both animals and humans, and I feel really proud that I am a member of the Nowzad family.

Meet Nowzad’s newest Veterinarians – Dr Hamida and Dr Farzad! Meet Nowzad’s newest Veterinarians – Dr Hamida and Dr Farzad!

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