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Education, Veterinary Training and School Visits

Education is the most powerful tool we have in improving animal welfare in Afghanistan and we are so proud to share with you our eye-catching anti-animal abuse posters designed by our very own Veterinarian Dr Reshad, that we are distributing all over Kabul. 

The posters are in Dari and explain why one shouldn’t abuse animals, it even mentions that animal abuse is against Islam.

An amazing step forward for animal welfare in the capital.

Over the last several years we have seen over 100 Veterinary students per annum pass through the Nowzad clinic, learning vital, practical training and how to treat animals efficiently and compassionately.

We are so pleased to say that this year we had a record number of female student Veterinarians eagerly come to learn at Nowzad and confidently showcase their skills to their fellow peers.

It is always a wonderful sight to see the future Veterinarians of Afghanistan at the Nowzad clinic, training for the invaluable skills they cannot learn elsewhere. 

We are now so proud that a record number of young women are showing an interest in the Veterinary profession at Nowzad, with our very own Dr Tahera and Dr Malalai leading the way! 

The Nowzad team have had a busy year leading the way in educating in the dangers of rabies as well as compassion for animals all over Kabul! 

From orphanages and school visits to Drug rehabilitation centres, our team have educated about the dangers of rabies far and wide. 

When these school children first saw our gentle giant ‘Christopher’ many were petrified and hid from him.

This is a photo after a class from Dr Tahera and Dr Malalai! 

Christopher loved the attention and the children loved him back, with some even kissing his head as they said goodbye. 

Christopher is now loving life with his new family in the UK and we will find a worthy Nowzad rescue successor to fill his shoes on our next visits! 

Education, Veterinary Training and School Visits Education, Veterinary Training and School Visits Education, Veterinary Training and School Visits

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