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The Nowzad TNVR programme is expanding!

Our TNVR programme has expanded as 2018 saw new animals being added to our list that we have vaccinated against rabies!

With the assistance of Kabul Zoo, our team vaccinated wolves, jackals, a fox and even LIONS against rabies! 
A first for our Veterinarians, and an effective way forward in preventing rabies not only for the animals, but visiting public too.

Our rabies prevention in migrant camps is continuing, protecting the camp inhabitants from contracting rabies; we not only vaccinate the stray dog populations there, but the cows too!

One story of our TNVR really encompasses how the local Afghan community are becoming involved with our vital work as we had a call from a local Afghan lady called Soraya, she contacted Nowzad because she found a puppy that was seriously ill near to where she lived.

She brought the puppy to Nowzad and we had no other choice but to sadly put the puppy to sleep because it was suffering severely from Distemper.

She mentioned that there were many dogs that the community were looking after and asked us to carry out a TNVR program there. 
Determined to turn such a sad case into something positive we jumped at the chance.

When we arrived we were heartened to find that the dogs were friendly and so loved by everyone, we had a great day catching the dogs and getting the whole community involved. 

Whilst there, we came across a momma dog and her pups, sadly one of the pups had perished in the cold. We took the decision to give the mom and her pups shelter over the Afghan winter and will release them (spayed, neutered and vaccinated) once it’s warmer, in a community we know will look after them well.

Did you know we have a TNVR program for cats too?

This year our team have successfully vaccinated, spayed and neutered hundreds of cats and have then safely released them, reducing rabies and preventing cats being born to a life of struggle on the streets of Kabul.

We receive no large scale grants or funding for our vital Spay, Neuter and Vaccination programs and this was all possible thanks to YOUR support. Please donate TODAY to be the difference in the fight against rabiesby clicking here

The Nowzad TNVR programme is expanding! The Nowzad TNVR programme is expanding!

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