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Meet the Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary’s newest resident - Maqbula! 

It was October last year when the Nowzad Team were called out to a severely injured donkey that had been hit by a speeding car whilst pulling a cart.

Luckily, there were no major injuries to any of the people involved, however, the donkey was in a deep state of shock and had a severe wound on her rear legs.
Due to emotions running high at the scene Dr Mujtaba and Dr Reshad had to battle to get to the donkey and administer treatment to her. The poor donkey had been impaled by part of the cart she had been towing and the wound was nearly as deep as it was wide at about 30cm, she was losing blood fast.

Dr Mujtaba and Dr Reshad did all they could to treat the injury before they were moved away again, as you can see in the video.

Thankfully, after much persuasion, they were allowed to take the donkey back to the Nowzad clinic.

We will admit, it was the first injury of it’s kind that any of our young Veterinarians had ever treated, even in a Western Veterinary clinic it would have been touch and go for her, but even with our limited resources, the Nowzad Team did not give up on her.

They gave her a name - Maqbula - meaning ‘Beautiful’ and fought hard to save her. 

After intensive surgery and treatment, where many times we thought we might have to say goodbye, we are so thrilled to bring you the news that her wounds have finally healed and she is enjoying life in the serenity of the Nowzad Sanctuary, the first ever donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan, where she will now forever stay.  

Without your donations Maqbula would have been left to die in agony on the side of a road.
Your support truly does mean life or death for animals like Maqbula. Please donate TODAY to be the difference - thank you!

Maqbula Maqbula

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