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Fundraising never stops!

Fundraising never stops. These Animals need your support now more than ever so could you be a Nowzad Fundraising Hero? There are so many ways to get involved and raise vital funds for the animals of Afghanistan.

The last year proved that Nowzad is needed now more than ever as we battle against the worsening security situation that our team faces on a daily basis.  
Sadly, in May this year one Taliban attack in Kabul left 150 people dead and 350 injured. Three of our team were just minutes away from the blast. They were on their way to collect cats for our TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) programme.  
I know all of you will breathe a sigh of relief to hear they returned to the Nowzad clinic shaken but unscathed. Undeterred, they returned to collect the cats the very next day. 
But as long as the funding is there to operate the clinic and care for the animals that need it, the Afghan team will be there for them and will find a way through the chaos. 

We have had volunteer fundraisers from all over the world working hard by giving up their free time to raise awareness and funds for Nowzad; at the Plough and Sail in Suffolk, Rosie and her team raised £2596 by holding a fundraising dinner which the Nowzad founder Pen gave a talk at. It was a fabulous night made even more special by the appearance (in his bow tie of course) of Nowzad rescue Mac. 

Catherine from Drum Kennels in Honiton and Jill (of Nowzad dog show organisational fame) threw themselves out of perfectly good working aircraft from a very long way up to fundraise for Nowzad. 

And out in America, the Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group hosted their second Crushin’ on Pets for Vets fundraising event on May 3, 2018. This annual event was held at The Shack, an outdoor venue in Virginia Beach, VA. Crushin’ on Pets for Vets was a great opportunity for Atlantic Bay team members to connect with the community to raise awareness for the amazing things Nowzad is doing for so many animals in Afghanistan and they raised a whopping $2000 towards Nowzad’s mission as well!

Najwa; our country manager met Jill Caruso and her New York based veterinary team whilst she was home on leave and they donated 3 boxes of medical supplies and $180 they had collected!

To everybody who has donated, continues to donate and for those who give their time and energy to ensure Nowzad continues as a charity; you have our utmost thanks.

Your support is the lifeblood of animal welfare in Afghanistan. With you beside us, we will win this fight. 

Fundraising never stops! Fundraising never stops! Fundraising never stops!

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