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The FIRST EVER donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan

A huge thank you to all who have generously donated towards the continued care of our six rescue donkeys, including those who backed our ‘Shahzada Appeal’ and supporters of Animal Aid Abroad, who have sent generous donations from Down Under! 

Although the Nowzad Dog shelter provided a safe and secure home for our donkeys, we knew they deserved more. So, with a generous capital donation from the Olsen Animal Trust and continued support from Animals Aid Abroad, we are so proud to tell you that Nowzad has built the FIRST EVER Donkey Sanctuary in Afghanistan!  

Celebrating with ginger snaps all round on opening day, it was such a privilege to see the sanctuary open its doors to it Rosie, Samson, Kushi, Jalala, Shahzada and Demazang. With their own brick stables, ideal for shade in the summer and warmth in the winter, our six donkeys are taken out to graze daily, safe in the knowledge they will not be made to work ever again.  

But our hard work is not over, we are not even close. Thousands of donkeys are treated appallingly every day in Afghanistan and we want to offer healthy donkey education to their owners whilst continuing to fund the Nowzad donkey sanctuary.  

So with that in mind, we are launching our rather cheeky, but memorable ‘A donkey shouldn’t work its ass off’ campaign’.  

By purchasing a ‘A donkey shouldn’t work its ass off’ t-shirt you will provide funds to deliver life-changing welfare education to owners of working donkeys, as well as giving much needed support to the Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary.  
This eye catching T-shirt is available in two colours – Navy Blue or White. Order yours today and wear it with pride to make a difference for an over-worked donkey in Afghanistan.  

We love to see our supporters representing our vital work, so be sure to share a photo of you in your ‘A donkey shouldn’t work its ass off’ T-shirt to our social media!

The FIRST EVER donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan The FIRST EVER donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan The FIRST EVER donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan

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