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Nowzad's policy statement on the import of dogs into the UK


Lately, there has been an increase of press speculation in reference to the irresponsible importation of dogs into the UK. Here is our stance on this important matter.

It has been reported that last year over 30,000 dogs were brought into the UK from the EU alone; with the majority coming from Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania; many of which are via puppy traffickers or negligent organisations that do not adhere to the strict regulations that are required to import a dog (or cat) into the UK.

Irresponsible dog importation poses a health and safety threat not only to the dog itself, but to other dogs and humans it may come into contact with, and it’s not just the likelihood of disease or ill health; many of the dogs imported are not a ‘typical’ domesticated dog that easily integrates into a household environment; a fact not always communicated fully to a new owner.

Unsurprisingly, there has now been calls to prevent international rehoming as standard practice and whilst a complete ban would be unfavourable to us as it would prevent us reuniting soldiers with the dogs or cats with their companion animals, we strongly advocate the need for tighter regulations to prevent rogue importers who are detrimental to the hard work of reputable and responsible animal charities like ourselves.

Nowzad stringently adheres to all DEFRA and EU standards and regulations; ensuring that every single dog or cat that we export is;


spayed or neutered

blood tested

fully vaccinated

and microchipped.

We ensure that the dog or cat is going to a carefully placed and dedicated home that has received a full home check and interview. We fully prepare the new owner what nature to expect from a dog from Afghanistan and importantly, put plans in place for the unlikely event that the dog or cat was no longer wanted, ensuring that we are never a burden to other rescue centres within the UK.

The number of dogs that Nowzad imports to the UK makes up less than 0.2% of the total number of dogs being imported into the UK from abroad. Last year we brought less than 20 dogs into the UK – all of which had loving homes to go to.

Our main priority will always be to adopt dogs and cats out to loving forever homes within Afghanistan, a program that we are proud of and which we have had great success in.

However, due to the fact that Afghanistan is still very much a war zone and third world country, as well as the consideration that we are the only large-scale animal shelter within Afghanistan, we cannot refuse an offer of a loving forever home for one of our deserving rescues and of course, we will always carry out our core mission; reuniting soldiers with dogs and cats that they rescue, bond with and cannot bear to leave behind.

If you would like any further information, or have questions in reference to this statement please email here

Thank you.

Nowzad's policy statement on the import of dogs into the UK

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