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CNN Hero 2014 - Pen Farthing

In December 2014 our founder Pen Farthing received his nomination as one of the top ten finalists for the CNN 2014 Hero award from the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch at a star studded event in New York City. (You can watch the CNN video here)

But the amazing evening did not stop there as at the end of the night Anderson Cooper announced Pen as the overall winner! (Click here to watch the moment on CNN).

From all of us here at the Nowzad team we would like to take this opportunity to thank you to all of you who tirelessly voted for Pen to win the 2014 CNN Hero award. We are all so proud and absolutely overwhelmed at the win!

Thank you!


Subaru (sponsors of the CNN Hero programme) pledged to match all donations up to a maximum of $5000 to all those who donate via the Amazon donation link which was fantastic and doubled our donations from the night.

Pen says; “To be in the top ten was a huge honour. The other nine Heroes are amazing people and are changing lives for the better. But for me to actually be named as 2014 CNN Hero is just mind blowing – thank you, thank you to everyone who believes in what we are doing for the animals of Afghanistan with no voice but ours. This award allows us to sleep a little better for a few nights knowing that the future of Nowzad and all the animals with no voice but ours in Afghanistan will be secured for just that little bit longer. Thank you so much”.

You can watch CNN’s brilliant video of our work in Afghanistan at the Nowzad shelter that they produced for Pen’s nomination and their announcement of Pen’s win by clicking here;


Once again from all of us – THANK YOU

CNN Hero 2014 - Pen Farthing

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