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World Animal Day 2023

Wednesday 4th October was World Animal Day 2023 and it was a busy one for Nowzad teams this year!

Our vets in Kabul spent the day at one of Kabul’s brick kilns vaccinating lots of working horses and donkeys there, providing free water troughs and even building portable stables to offer some protection to the animals from the sun’s relentless heat.  See: https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/events/promoting-horse-and-donkey-welfare-at-kabuls-brick-kilns-nowzad/

Our Nowzad staff in Ukraine organised two training seminars at the Lviv University Veterinary Faculty on animal emergency aid and a brand new animal electronic identification system specially developed for use in Ukraine by our Australian partner AWAMO. See:



Back here in the UK, our Raise 4 Nowzad Team has launched a special online Christmas auction running through October, specifically to raise money for World Animal Day and the animal shelters Nowzad supports. Please see the following link and join the facebook group to raise some money! https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/events/special-raise-4-nowzad-auction-for-world-animal-day/

Thank you to everyone for taking part and dedicating this special day of the year to honour the world’s animals - big and small!

World Animal Day 2023