Nowzad Christmas catalogue 2023 is live

As we enter into the cheery festive season once more, a very big and very warm welcome to the ‘Nowzad Christmas Catalogue 2023!’

For a rather unbelievable line-up of reasons ranging from a global health pandemic to our veterinary clinic being taken from underneath our feet by the Taliban in Kabul, we haven’t been able to put this together for four long years. But we hope you’ll now enjoy looking through after all that time, to re-stock on some old favourites like the annual Nowzad calendar, or start your Christmas shopping with some exciting brand new Nowzad products!

There is something for everyone but what brings it all together is yours and our shared vision for a better future for the animals caught up in conflict. It’s what we all have in common and, after these difficult last 4 years, we can think of no better way to celebrate coming through to the other side than with our new range of gifts and treats. A definite office favourite is the new Ewok and Dakota mug – two of the more famous Operation Ark dogs. As you can see, this couple of characters love nothing more than a Nowzad Christmas Party and we hope they’ll put a smile on your face as you drink your morning cup of coffee this Christmas.

Click here to buy your Dakota - Ewok mug or here for our Christmas card bundle! The full range of Christmas gift ideas that do make a difference for a dog or cat in need is available now! 

Your purchase provides the vital funds for a second chance of a life away from suffering for animals both in Ukraine and Afghanistan and is a story repeated for so many animals throughout our work in both countries.

We have plans to keep this momentum going for the next generation and beyond, as attitudes towards animals – so often the innocent victims of war – begin to change. There is definitely hope on the horizon.

You only have to see the smiles grow across the faces of the children who visit our clinic in Kabul and fuss and cuddle a dog for the very first time. 

There is joy, laughter and wagging tails all around.So, on that merry note, we wish you and your families the happiest of Christmasses for 2023!

We will forever be grateful to you all for thinking of Nowzad this year and doing your bit for the animals – every single penny and moment of your time helps us to help those with no voice and for that, we say a very sincere and heartfelt “thank-you”.

Here’s to 2024 and keeping that hope alive for the future of Afghanistan, Ukraine and beyond.

From all of us at Nowzad!

Please donate - your generous support DOES make a difference for an animal in need. 

Nowzad Christmas catalogue 2023 is live