Flying the Afghan Four to their forever homes!


In the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan - amidst the turmoil and challenges - there are countless dogs roaming the streets. Most are suffering from starvation and disease, and all are in desperate need of care and love.

Just like the people of Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in 2021 and after decades of conflict, these resilient animals have endured unimaginable hardships. But they now have a chance at a better life.

Nowzad’s mission has always been to improve the welfare of animals across the country, and a key part of this work was the rescue of dogs from the frontlines of fighting or from the streets of Kabul. Nowzad’s new Veterinary Hospital in the heart of the city now provides the basis for this, with our dedicated team of six Afghan vets. It is also our base for the many other welfare and disease prevention projects we run in-country, as we shift towards being entirely Afghan-led, for the Afghan people and for their animals.

Our hospital is currently full, meaning our team can no longer offer full care and respite to other rescues that desperately need it. So, our mission right now is to urgently free up  space through adoptions and to bring 4 of these dogs to the UK where they can find their forever homes and experience the love and security they deserve.

The Afghan Four: Our vets always try to return the animals that have recovered under their care to where they were first rescued from. However, for many reasons, some of our rescues just can’t be returned, and so their only hope is to be rehomed. As much as we possibly can, we adopt out to local families in Kabul - always the most rewarding part of our work. 

These four to be rehomed to the west however, have been personally assessed and chosen by our UK team. They are particularly good fits for western homes due to their friendly nature and length of time they’ve waited for this second chance. As always, the same UK team also work closely with these dogs to ensure our adoptions are responsible - not about quantity over quality - and therefore work for everyone.

Why Your Support Matters: Transporting Joyee, Paya, Rubble and Georgie from Afghanistan to the UK is a relatively complex and costly process. It involves securing safe passage, providing veterinary care, arranging transport and testing, and ensuring each dog is fully ready for adoption. Your generous donations will directly fund these critical steps, giving these dogs their forever home.

Our Goal: After almost three years since our last export to the UK, we aim to raise £25,000 to cover the costs of repatriating and rehoming these four special dogs. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference.

By supporting our modest adoption fundraiser, you are not only helping to save lives and allow for more rescue missions in Kabul but you’re also contributing to the happiness of families who will welcome these dogs into their homes.

Join Us in Making a Difference: Together, we can turn their tales of survival into stories of hope and joy.

So please, let’s rally to give these lovely Afghan Four the happy ending they deserve. Every £/$ truly will make a difference. You can donate here

Thank you for your kindness and generosity today.  

Flying the Afghan Four to their forever homes!