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Dr Reshad and our clinic in Kabul

Meanwhile, our wonderful chief vet Dr Reshad, spends his days fighting for better care and treatment of Kabul’s animals. Dr Reshad and his team work tirelessly treating, vaccinating and neutering the dogs and cats struggling to survive on the streets.

We were so proud to announce Dr Reshad’s short listing for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control this year – in the category ‘Champion Veterinarian Clinic’. It would mean so much for Dr Reshad and his team to win this award so please, please do take 2 minutes to vote for him on the following link:  

Voting closes on October 29th and Dr Reshad’s full story can be found here

Through Nowzad’s much needed Working Animal Program they also treat Kabul’s many working donkeys, horses and mules whilst offering vital animal husbandry education to the owners.

The overworked animals are used to haul heavy carts up mountainsides or carry tons of bricks across their backs day in, day out, at Kabul’s infamous brick kilns, often in extremes of temperatures that can veer from +40C in summer to -20C in winter. It is a sight many of us can’t imagine but, as Dr Reshad and his team report, it is like hell on earth for these poor, hard-working animals and their workers – many of whom are children. Nowzad has been working to bring about a change for these horses, donkeys and the communities that depend on them for some time now but there is a long road ahead. 

We have also been extremely lucky to have kept our horse and donkey sanctuary going throughout the Taliban take-over in 2021. It is now home to 14 very fortunate donkeys and horses who, thanks to your support and generosity, can enjoy the peace and comfort of our sanctuary for the rest of their lives.  We rescued this lovely lady called April in, yes you guessed it, April this year – found blind and tethered 24/7 amongst piles of rubbish. There are so many more animals like ‘April’ but our Working Animal Programme keeps going all year round to help, treat and rescue those we find. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this next year, including a special adoption programme we’ll be launching from this sanctuary.

Can you donate today for the future care of a donkey or horse in desperate need in Afghaninstan? Your donation will make a difference - thank you. Donate here

Dr Reshad and our clinic in Kabul