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Donating to NOWZAD

Your generous donation does make a real difference for the Nowzad charity. Please use this page to make your fabulous donation to Nowzad. By using this page YOU ARE DONATING to the registered Nowzad charity, number 1119185 in England.

You can either donate to our ongoing work in Afghanistan to support the ongoing care and treatment of the donkeys and horses in the Nowzad donkey sanctuary and supporting our TNVR programme for the local cats and dogs within Kabul, 

Or you can donate to support shelters and animals in Ukraine during Putin's illegal invasion of its neighbour.  Nowzad has created a supply chain across Europe to our warehouse on the Polish / Ukraine border before the vital supplies are then transported to our warehouse in Lviv, Ukraine before heading off to animal shelters in desperate need in the east and south of Ukraine.

The supplies will support both the animals and the courageous shelter staff who have risked their lives to stay behind and care for the animals. 

If you would prefer to make a donation by post please make your donation payable to: ‘Nowzad’ and post to;

*Afghanistan or Ukraine appeal (please delete as needed)
B3, Mercury Business Park, Bradninch, Devon, EX5 4BL, UK

If you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation then please download and send us your completed gift aid donation form today! Thank you.

Donate to NOWZAD Afghanistan

Donate to NOWZAD Ukraine