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These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

Be the difference and the life for a dog or cat starting today!

Meet three of our current soldier rescues!

Meet three of our current soldier rescues! Meet three of our current soldier rescues! Meet three of our current soldier rescues!

Nowzad is extremely busy supporting soldier rescues; here are three of the current rescues;


Raisin's Soldier Saviour says; 'I found Raisin about a few days after Thanksgiving, here in Bagram. She was in a drainage pipe under one of the towers I maintain. She would come close but not enough to pet. She was young, little, and unsure of what this human wanted. She wouldn’t eat the cheese, bacon, or turkey I left her. This went on for a few days. 
Finally one day as I visited her, I was eating my favourite cookie; oatmeal raisin.  She came closer, ate a little bit (without raisins) and proceeded to not only come close enough for me to pet, but followed me to my truck.  She loved that cookie for sure, so I named her Raisin. 

Growing up I’ve had an extent amount of time with my working dogs (border collies, sheep dogs and golden retrievers) in both obedience and agility training/ competitions. I enjoy dogs, most of the time more than people.  

It would mean a lot not only to me, but my 5 year old daughter and family back home, if I brought her home. Raisin and I have bonded and she goes everywhere I go and is a huge morale boost for all military and civilian personnel who come to our AO.  

She’s house trained, does well at learning new obedience commands, and loves to be around people.  I’m hoping with the help of Nowzad and anyone willing to help, I’ll be able to fly her home in the spring when I leave'. 

Crystal’s Soldier Saviour says; 'Ms. Crystal first appeared into our lives as a new born kitten just before Thanksgiving 2018. She made her way to one of our posts and continued to visit daily. Almost instantly, she worked her way into our hearts as all of the Marines looked forward each day to seeing her and saying, "hello" before and after work. She has been a ray of sunshine and has helped make the time away from home a breeze. With the animal "euthanizations" ongoing at our camp, we wanted to provide her with a life in the United States where she can be a normal cat and enjoy our great country. Please help us realize this dream of having our platoon mascot stateside with us'.


Achille's Soldier Saviour says; 'When I first saw Achilles he was laying down in the corner of a compound that was vacant, once we came into the compound he preceded to run towards me and began to bark. 
I knew right then and there that this dog had heart and I wanted to do whatever I could to rescue him. He and his brother were both dirty and malnourished, and were definitely in some need of help; my local national friends pointed out that Achilles brother had cut ears which meant he was breed to be a fighting dogs. 
We decided that we would take them back home to our base and take care of them by provided them a warm place to sleep and food to eat. 
Once we brought them both back we all began to fall in love with the two of them, I grew very fond of Achilles and spent all the free time I had with him. Wherever I was he was always by my side, whether it was at briefings or in the gym, he was always there next to me. 
I did some research and decided that I would ask for assistance in trying to take Achilles home with me and provide him a better home that he deserves'.

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