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These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

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A story of courage, determination and hope!

A story of courage, determination and hope! A story of courage, determination and hope!

We recently received a call about a young dog that had been hit by a vehicle and had been left to die by the side of a road with two broken legs. 
The resilient little dog somehow endured her injuries and she learnt to walk and survive without the use of her two dead back legs. 
Thankfully, a kind passer-by saw this poor dog's plight and contacted Nowzad, we rushed straight to the scene and after some searching we found her on the street pulling her two legs behind her.

We brought her back to the Nowzad clinic and gave her a name 'Handstand' or 'Han' for short, due to the way she practically does a handstand when she eats!

Sadly, like previous Nowzad rescue 'Mac', the damaged legs were completely dead and unable to be saved, so we took the decision that the best thing to do for Handstand was to amputate the legs to allow her to move easier.

Handstand thrived under the care of the Nowzad shelter and it wasn’t long before found herself a loving home in Rhode Island, USA; after her new family heard about Handstand’s plight at a Nowzad fundraising event hosted by our sister shelter ‘Potter Animal League’.
After a fabulous fundraising effort from the Nowzad Family, Handstand made her way to the US and into her new home, where her besotted new owners have given her the life she deserves, and a new name – ‘Hope’. They think she is wonderful.

What a journey this sweet girl has had! We believe her story gives ‘Hope’ to all the others like her, who still need need donations. Please donate today to be the difference.

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