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These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

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Stella Stella

From her rescuer;

Stella is a great cat. She was hanging out in her favorite sun spot when we first met. I noticed she had little spot of fur missing on her hind leg and what looked like a small cut. It was nothing serious but I could instantly tell she was a scrapper. A lot of the cats in the area have their special posts when its chow time. They know where to sit to get food from people and they can be protective of those spots. Stella was not very big so she looked to have taken a bit of a beating.

When I first noticed her injury, I brought a salad from the chow hall with diced ham and chicken and sat with her. I gave her some snacks to nibble on until she was comfortable with me touching her. Eventually she let me look at her leg and I was able to clean it and put some Neosporin on it to help her out. The next day when I came back from the chow hall she was not in her usual spot. I walked to my room thinking she must have gotten scared off by another cat. I found here sitting right outside my door waiting for me to get back for lunch.

            By the time Stella started trusting me enough to come into my room and eat in safety it was starting to get cold outside. I became concerned that the freezing temperatures would be too much for Stella being that she is so small. I went looking for her and found her curled up tightly in a ball trying to keep warm. I picked her up and tucked her in my jacket to warm her up and brought her back to my room. Within a few minutes her shivering stopped and she poked her head up from my jacket and gave me a head rub. From then on she slept in my room every night and I let her out during the day to play.

            For Christmas, I got her a heating pad and some catnip toys to play with. I think she liked the heating pad most of all.


My hours at work are long and they keep me fairly busy and it can be boring for Stella to be stuck in the room all day. Since her leg has healed up and started to re-grow fur she is up and moving with the best of them. I can’t see leaving her behind. She lays with me at night and keeps me company. After a long day of work, she is always ready to give me a head bump and make sure I go to bed.

I previously adopted a dog from Afghanistan (Benson) and he is one of the best friends I have ever had. Stella would love a forever home and I would love to have her. She would have plenty of space to play and lots of windows to sun in. Since Benson is also from Afghanistan they will have something in common already. We are already putting Stella’s climbing Post in and making a catwalk for her to move around the house in her own way.  

Stella is now happily living in America and loving her new life thanks to the amazing Nowzad family!

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