Past Rescues


These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

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Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey

We were on a night operation with our partner force in a small Taliban village in Kandahar. We entered a compound and heard this loud bark. Assuming there would be a large dog inside, we found the room the bark was coming from with much caution. Only to find the sweetest puppy you've ever seen. He was chained up in the tiny dirty room.
His ears and tail had been cut mostly likely so he could grow up to participate in dog fights. Our partner force picked him up we put him in a bag and carried in him with us for the rest of the night,, eventually bringing him back to our camp.

I thought maybe he could just be a base dog and stay on camp for his life but when one of the local Afghans said he had plans to take Humphrey to Kabul to participate in dog fights I knew I couldn't let that be this sweet boy's fate. So I decided that Humphrey would be coming home with me to Phoenix, Arizona, to show him the love he deserves.  Follow the further adventures of the lovable Humphrey by clicking here

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