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Carolina Carolina

Even with the coalition forces draw down we are still being inundated with requests from soldiers and contractors desperate to find out if they can transport their four legged buddy home with them.

And thanks to your amazing support we are making that difference and being able to help.

US contractor Brett found playful pup Carolina wandering the perimeter of Bagram airbase about an hour north of Kabul, but with the strict ‘no feral’ policy enforced at the base; Brett was forced to care for her outside of the base security, clearly not a long term solution. Carolina soon became a firm favourite with the resident military security and contractors alike who would stop and make a fuss of the extremely friendly stray.

Several phone calls and text messages later and Carolina was safely at Nowzad being vaccinated and a few days later spayed! 
For Brett there was only one question – when could we ship Carolina to his home in Charleston, South Carolina?

Thanks to a herculean fundraising effort by Brett himself and a very generous response from family and friends the funds needed for Carolina US bound flight were quickly raised.

Carolina has now been in the USA for several months arriving at the height of 2016 May’s tropical storms that battered the US east coast making her arrival party and Nowzad fundraiser a rather damp affair!

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