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These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

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The pup of  Macrorayan

The pup of  Macrorayan The pup of  Macrorayan The pup of  Macrorayan

Back in October 2016 the Nowzad team received an email from a very concerned Afghan man named Mohammad. It read as follows: 

"My name is Mohammad and I am living in Macrorayan, Kabul, Afghanistan.  
It is almost more than 20 days that I am seeing a very unfortunate dog in the streets of 3rd Macrorayan and he is living in a very bad and disturbing situation.  
He has lost his two behind legs as a result of the cruelty of people and now-a-days he is just walking on the streets with only his 2 front legs.  

It is almost unbearable and very painful to even watch him walking on the streets. 

After lots of searching on the internet I found your organization and now I am sending you this email with a very heavy heart and requesting you to please help this dog.  
The condition with which he is living is very harsh 
and you seem to me as the only hope. I will even be happy to carry the dog to your organizations doorsteps if you just accept him." 
Without hesitation Pen forwarded the email to the Afghan vet team with the instructions to find the dog, transport it to the Nowzad clinic where after a decent meal the best thing to do for the young dog would be to put it to sleep. Our vets immediately went out and found the dog on the streets.  
We guess that the dog at the time was only about 5 months old.  
A young boy told us that the dogs injuries had been caused by someone who had accidentally parked their car on the dog's legs for some time, but then had just cruelly driven off. The poor boy had witnessed this and like others, had tried to help the puppy. 
Safely transported to the clinic, the pup didn’t feel sorry for itself or withdrawn from hunger. It saw the other dogs being treated in the clinic and it wanted to play! 

Dr Mujtaba and the vet team made a great case to continue taking care of the dog – our Afghan vet team are the voice for the pup that had the odds stacked against it. And over the initial few months they have cared continually for the playful young pup who sadly had to have both back legs removed. Not that only having two legs has slowed him down.... if anything he has made him even faster! Mac, as he has now become known, was during his treatment and care, the life and soul of the Nowzad clinic - always wanting to interact with whoever comes into the clinic - human or canine! 

Mac was soon offered a loving home in England with a caring lady called Jo and although we knew it was for the best there was several tears the day everyone finally had to say goodbye to Mac as he left the Nowzad clinic.  

Now with the use of a wheelchair so he can keep up with his new pack mates, our boy Mac is happily living in Suffolk. Once more it was the Nowzad family who pulled together and funded his treatment and care – thank you.  

To support our work so we can care for the next ‘Mac’ that comes along please donate today. Your support is vital.  
Thank you. 


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