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Past Rescues


These are just a selection of the amazing rescues that the Nowzad team with your generous support, have been able to achieve since the charity was formed in 2007. Please click on a rescue to read more.

Be the difference and the life for a dog or cat starting today!



Abby was originally sent to us for TNVR.  But once she had arrived at the clinic it was clear that she had contracted Leishmaniosis, a terrible disease caused by the bite of the sand-fly.
We treated her for the Leishmaniosis over many months an eventually she was well enough to be returned to the compound we had collected her from.
Being a friendly and lovely natured dog it was not long before the original person who had sent her to us in the first place decided to adopt her.
Abby the big sweet dog is now living in Texas in the United States.

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