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Zoro was one of the puppies that came home home on the Ark. He very quickly stole the heart of his adopter and has really settled into his new life. This sweet boy happily shares his home with two cats and adores his whole family. Life does not get much better than a garden with a ball and quality time playing with his Mum! He is loving his walks and a favourite place is the local lake where he loves to stand and watch the wildlife. He is a constant joy to his family and entertains them with his antics. He has learnt to open doors by himself, will walk on his hind legs without any prompting (maybe he teaching himself to dance!) helps his humans with taking the clothes out of the wash basket and loves helping them in the garden! When not lending a helping paw he can be found watching tv or snoozing happily on the sofa with the family cats. His family adore him and we thank them for giving him the best home and so much love. Lucky boy.